Laura & Dean Petix's Saugerties/Woodstock Tour - Page Three
Bellows Lane sign The sign for Bellows Lane, where Richard lived when he wrote "Whispering Pines." Camelot Road sign The sign for Camelot Road, where Bob Dylan lived.
Bellows Lane Bellows Lane. It's a tiny little dead end road, with only a few houses. We listened to "Whispering Pines" while driving up and back. Camelot Road Camelot Road. It's very hilly, gravelly and dangerous, with steep falloffs all along the sides. A bad place to ride a motorcycle!
Striebel Road Striebel Road. This road is where Dylan had his motorcycle accident, driving into town from Camelot Road. Overlook Liquors, in Woodstock Our first stop in town: Overlook Liquors, to buy Grand Marnier! (Richard's favourite.)
Levon & the Barn Burners sign When leaving with my bottle of Grand, I noticed this sign posted right inside the door of Overlook Liquors! Joyous Lake On Tinker Street (the main strip in Woodstock), I spotted the sushi restaurant where we wanted to have dinner, and was amazed to see that it was right next to Joyous Lake (above), which we weren't even looking for. I didn't even know Joyous Lake was a club, let alone that it was on Tinker St. I'd assumed it was an actual lake!
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