More Dylan bootlegs featuring members of The Band as sidemen:

The Acetate
Alias Vol.2 (Diamonds in Your Ear)
Approximately (Rocolian Records 22644/5)
Aspects (R.S.Records/Pig'S Eye)
At Home (Black Cloud)
At the Flood (Dynamite Studios Ds94m085/86)
Ballad of a Blue Poet (American Concert Cdsnv Digip Rl10)
Barbed Wire Blues (Sodd 011)
Belle Isle (Belle Island Records B 1)
Billion Dollar Bash
Blonde on Blonde - Highway 61 - Mono Mixes (Gold Standard 339/313)
Bob & the Band in the Royal Albert Hall 1966 (Bsm 004)
Bob Dylan and Neil Young in Concert 1975 (Sgrs 027)
Bob Dylan and the Band Live (Live Records)
Bob Dylan and the Band Live in England (Back Trax 04-88002)
Bob Dylan in Concert (Skand)
Bob Dylan/The Band (Cbm 4010)
Bridgett'S Album (Takrl 1999)
Bridgett'S Album (Tmoq 73034)
Brothers of the Flood (Anon Bd74)
Burn Some More (Tmoq 71033)
Burn Some More Revisited (Bsm 004 5/6)
Changin' 4 (Elf 93)
Changin' 5 (Elf 94)
Charlotte, North Carolina (Pirate) or (Cbm)
Chicago (P101)
Church With No Upstairs (Chameleon Croo15)
Daddy Rolling Stone
Dollar Snack (Archive Series As7)
Don'T Look Back (Suds Great Soundb)
Drunken Minstrel
Dylan (Cbm)
Dylan (Gww 001-0020)
Dylan and the Band Return (Berkeley 2039/40)
Dylan Suitcase
Emotions (Toasted 2s927)
Forest Hills 1965 (Cbm Bdx 3/4)
40 Red White & Blue Shoestrings (Roach Records)
Friends of Chile (Pirate) or (Cbm)
Going Going G07he-Nburg (Ramona Rr-Ib)
Great White Wonder (Gf 001/2/3/4) or (Tmoq 72001) or (Berkeley40/41) or (Rocalion 22642/3/4/5)
Great White Wonder Ii (Cbm 614/5/6/7)
Great White Wonder Uncut
He'S Your Lover Now (1965)
Help (Cbm 3587)
Help (Nederlandse Producite)
High Voltage (Bde 774)
Hurricane Carter Benefit (Sodd 007)
In Concert on the Island (Peace)
Inside the Museums (Gfr 1001)
In the Studio (Countdown Factory)
Isle of Wight (C7) or (Cbm) or (Beaver 104701/2) or (Tmoq 71050) or (Wanted Man Wmm 39)
Left Field (Trw 1924)
Leicester '66 (Bd 151966)
Let Me Die in My Footsteps (Popo) or (Tmq) or (Berkeley)
Like a Rolling Stone (Vulture Cd 006)
Little White Wonder (Peace 15701)
Live (Mainline Music)
Live in Newport 1965 - Live in London 1966 (Dir-16)
Live in New York 1965, London 1966 (Rock 991950108884 2147-A)
Live 1974 (Sw 340)
Living on an Island (Anon)
London May 26, 1966 (Bgcd 001)
Looking Back (Dittolino Discs)
Looking Back 1 (Cbm)
Lovesongs For America (Takrl 2922)
Million Dollar Bash (Berkeley 2014)
Motorcycle (Wheel Records #103-Wcf)
Mr. Tambourine Man (Vol.3) (Banana Ban-012-C)
New York 1974 (Red Sky Cd 1001)
Now Your Mouth Cries Whoops (Takrl 1963)
Now Your Mouth Cries Wolf (Takrl 1963)
Odds & Ends (Unsurpassed Maestro Vol.1) (Sick Cat 006)
Over the Cliff (Swingin' Pig Tsp 008)
Phantoms of My Youth (Capricorn Cr 2039/40141)
Picnic (Vpro)
Pill Box (Tnt Studio Tnt 940157/158)
Please Crawl Out Your Window (Rolling Thunder 695301)
The Prophet and the Clown (Buy or Die Cd 215)
Rarities Volume 1 (Boss Shirts and Records)
Rarities Volume 2 (Boss Shirts and Records)
Royal Albert Hall (Tmoq 71017) or (Bulldog Bglp 001) or (Rah1966) or (Swingin' Pig Tsp Cd 009)
St. Valentine'S Day Massacre (Tmoq 63001)
St. Valentine'S Day Massacre and More (Hhcer 2201)
St. Valentine'S Day Massacre Electric (Tmoq)
Seems Like a Freeze Out (Tmoq 71008)
Snack (Har 163)
Special Night - Special Guest (Srl-Milano Tgp 143)
Stars of '66 Vol 1 (Gww 661)
Stars of '66 Vol 2 (Gww 662)
Stars of '66 Vol 3
Stem the Tide (Tmq 71110)
Strip Tease - Tmq Collection (Kinko 1101-1110)
A Taste of the Special Stash (Straight Str 002)
Ten of Swords (Tarantula Cl 16319)
Through the Years (Gww 6282)
Tough Songs (Phoenix 44780)
Up to Me (Tmoq Br E-85002/3)
Valentino Type Tangos (Dojo)
Visions of Johanna (Berkeley Bd 002)
Waters of Oblivion