We need your help

Steven Knowlton has been kind enough to send us scans of 13 historical articles about The Band from various newspapers. The scans are not machine-readable, so the articles need to be typed in (as plain text files, Word-files or whatever) before we can add them to The Band web site. The editor of this site does not have time to do this, we need volunteers. The articles in question are available below as PDF-documents. Please let us know if you can help us type in one or more of the articles that is not already "taken". Thanks.

We now have typists for all articles. Thanks, folks!

ArticleTyping by
Article 1Jan Fowler
Article 2Jan Fowler
Article 3Jan Fowler
Article 4Edward Pirozzi
Article 5Edward Pirozzi
Article 6Edward Pirozzi
Article 7Edward Pirozzi
Article 8Edward Pirozzi
Article 9"Jen"
Article 10"Jen"
Article 11Mark Atkins
Article 12Gabe Downey
Article 13"theweight"