[photo] Celebrating London Ontario's 150th anniversary in October 2005, 150 London natives were chosen by the London Free Press to honour those who helped define this city. Garth Hudson came in #35, beating out other London Ontario natives such as:
  • Karen Baldwin, Miss Universe 1982, at # 36.
  • Jenny Jones (Janina Stronski), the Trash TV star of the mid 90's, #41.
  • Martin Boundy (that Garth will remember as the ex conductor of the London Symphony), #80.
  • John K. Labatt, the beer brewer and founder of Labatt Beer, #96.
  • Tommy Hunter, the Country music singer, #111.
  • George (Mooney) Gibson Baseball, catcher who won the 1909 World Series with the Pittsburg Pirates beating the Detroit Tigers, #132.
Of course John Graves Simcoe, the founder of London, was #1. Other notable London natives:
  • Dr. Charles Drake, the neurosurgeon who saved Della Reese's life, #3.
  • Victor Garber, the movie actor (Titanic, Sleepless in Seattle etc.. ), #6.
  • Guy Lombardo, band leader, #8.
  • Dr. Fred Banting, discoverer of Insulin, #10.
  • Salli Terri, the opera singer, #43.
  • Hume Cronyn, the movie actor, #63.
--Serge Daniloff