Illustration from the 1977 book The Island of Nose, writtten by Annie M.G. Schmidt and illustrated by Jan Marinus Verburg. The drawing features Dylan and The Band disguised as "The Bob Bronto Band." Rick Danko was given a copy of the book and reportedly got a kick out of it.

The original title of The Island of Nose, featuring this wonderful drawing of Bob Dylan and The Band, is Tom Tippelaar (ed. Querido, Amsterdam, 1977) a highly successful picture book by Jan Marinus Verburg with Dutch text by Annie M.G. Schmidt (who was the Dutch equivalent of Astrid Lindgren btw). "Tom Tippelaar" (something like "Tom Walkabout") is a small boy with big ears, so he can hear very well. His uncle asks him to solve a problem for him. He leaves for the Island of Nose and meets, among many others, the Bob Bronto band. The book was mentioned before in the Band guestbook in April 1998.