John Donabie with Bob Dylan and Ronnie Hawkins, 1974. From left to right: Bob Dylan, Lou Kemp (Bob's boyhood chum), David the Magic Man, John Donabie and Ronnie Hawkins looking at his wife Wanda. Photo copyright 1974 Arthur (Art) Usherson

John's own comments:

"The above photo was on the front page of the Toronto Star the morning after the first of two concerts during Tour '74 with Dylan and The Band. Bob came to see Ronnie Hawkins perform at The Nickelodeon Club, which was upstairs from the old Friar's Tavern where Levon and the Hawks played after leaving Ronnie to go on their own.

I ended up being quoted in the book Knockin' on Dylan's Door on pages 27 & 28. Ben Fong-Torres, at the time, had no idea on the details of The Band's Southern Ontario history. I got a call the afternoon of the first concert. I told him where they were all from. That part didn't get printed. My name was spelt wrong and I was referred to as a Dylan Freak. Didn't mind the misspelling; didn't like the groupie I.D. Oh well it was my one claim to being infamous."