"Jojo" with Hank Wedel in Cork, Ireland, 2005.


"Tom and I recently went to England, Ireland, and Wales, and thru several folks at the Guestbook (including Lil) we were encouraged to and ended up getting together with Hank while in Cork. He is such a wonderful guy - he actually met us at the airport and helped us find a place to stay. Luckily we stayed an extra night, Monday, to hear Hank & a mandolin player (Hank & Ray) peform. They've been playing the Monday night gig at Charlie's Bar for 12 years. They have quite a group of regulars. Several people sat in, including myself. I did 2 and then Tom (my husband) came up and we all did "The Weight." Hank is keeping the Band alive and well in Ireland! He also performed "Ain't No More Cane" and "Twilight."
--"Jojo", October 2005