From the cover of the Ulster county newspaper The Kingston Freeman, 12/16/99:

A public memorial was held Wednesday, Dec. 15th at 2:00pm, 1999 at The Bearsville Theatre Bearsville, New York

The memorial for Rick Danko took place in Woodstock. Rick was well loved in Woodstock and the surrounding area not only because he was a member of The Band but also because he regularly performed for local charities and helped many people on a one-to-one basis. He had planned to play his annual Christmas benefit aiding a local women's shelter next week. Many locals attended the service as well as several members of Woodstock's music community including John Sebastian, Happy and Artie Traum, Jules Shear, Kate Taylor, Rick's friend and legendary blues man Vince Martin, John Simon, Tom Pacheco and Shredni Vollmer who had been recording with Rick on his new solo record. The memorial included Robbie Robertson reading a very moving "Note to Rick" which he wrote for his departed bandmate and friend. To conclude the ceremony they all joined in a stirring rendition of "Amazing Grace".