Laura & Dean Petix's Saugerties/Woodstock Tour - A Band Photo Essay
My husband Dean and I took a road trip to Saugerties and Woodstock, NY, on Saturday, August 26th, 2000, just for the fun of finding and photographing locations significant to The Band. We planned the whole trip the night before, with me listing every specific location mentioned in Levon's This Wheel's On Fire book, and Dean mapping out the most logical route for hitting each spot in a custom Band tour. All Band-related locations were determined based on information given in Levon's book, and confirmed with Barney Hoskyns' Across the Great Divide book, when possible (Hoskyns doesn't mention many specific streets, though.)

Driving there took two and a half hours, and our tour lasted until twilight, with a few deviations from our plan, but we managed to visit and photograph every site we had mapped out: besides the obligatory Big Pink pilgrimage, we successfully found nine other Band locations, one of which we stumbled upon purely by chance. Our tour culminated with a wonderful sushi dinner. (And, no, we didn't just get sushi because Levon likes it... we are genuine sushi addicts ourselves.)

To see our four-page tour, keep reading. Please note that all photographs were taken by Laura or Dean W. Petix (most of them by Laura) and all driving was conducted by Dean. Do not reproduce any of this material without explicit permission, and do not attempt this tour at unsafe speeds or states of consciousness! Best experienced while listening to Music From Big Pink, The Band, and The Basement Tapes. (We began with "The Weight".)

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