The Band pinback, Watkins Glen festival, 1973

Jimmy Koplik (Watkins Glen promoter) recently received one of these "The Band"  Watkins Glen  pinbacks  from my supply of originals. Jimmy told me that he had these made up (approx. 100-150) of "The Band Version" for use as backstage passes for the Watkins Glen concert in 1973. These were given to staff, band members, roadies, and "The Band" tour/production  personnel for all access to the stage/ backstage and production areas. These pinbacks are very rare according to Jimmy  Koplik. Jimmy said he also had versions made up for The Allman Brothers Band and The Grateful Dead. Also Jim told me that there were backstage pass pinbacks that had all three bands on them. Not too many of those were made and existing examples of the pinbacks with all three bands on them would be extremely rare.
--Jack Weston