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On Saturday August 15, 1998, at 5pm CST, The Band's Rick Danko, Levon Helm and Garth Hudson chatted with fans live on the net, from the In The Studio web site. Below is a transcript of the talk session, copied directly from In The Studio:

Moderator: Thank you for joining us today for the live chat with the founding members of The Band, they should be joining us in approximately 10 minutes.

Moderator: Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, and Rick Danko members of The Band will now join us.

Garth Hudson: Hello

Rick Danko: hi

Levon Helm: Hello everyone

Garth Hudson: Its not the first album without Richard

mamalisa: Mamalisa,,How doe's it feel to be on the internet and talk to people all over the world who love ya???

Rick Danko: It's always nice to communicate, especially with the people who love us.

Levon Helm: Great Feeling and a good time for it.

Rick Danko: this album has more of an acoustic feel

Kevin from NE PA: While viewing the promo, it looks like everyone was having a good time. How much fun was it to make this album?

Rick Danko: We had closer than 200 percent fun.

Levon Helm: It felt really well playing all together.

Garth Hudson: It was very easy...every one worked much harder on this one than any other

Rick Danko: This is the first album that I've made where I'm playing the upright acoustic base most of the time and that was a lot of fun for me.

Dave: So guys...are you gonna do some shows to tour with the new release ?

Rick Danko: absolutely....we are going to go out there and do the right thing

Dave Hinson: You guys play great music.Will we be able to see THE BAND on the west coast in 1998?

Rick Danko: absolutely

Garth Hudson: Yes...I hope so

Levon Helm: If the good Lords willin we'll all be there.

JanS: Is the band divided in to two - the new guys and the old ones?

Rick Danko: The band will always be junior members and senior members.

Frode: What music do you listen to yourselves - any new artists?

Levon Helm: The band is always united and altogether. The record companys are always trying to break The Band up.

Rick Danko: anything that is good...I tune into and pay attention to...

Rick Danko: I think that will happen until I die

Garth Hudson: I listen to MTV on the radio...

Garth Hudson: I've worked with several young people in the last two months...and I ask them what they think about music...etc etc...

Garth Hudson: I will ask the young musicians...or whoever....what they like to hear...what they think will happen in the future...

Garth Hudson: It is amazing what kids know about musical equipment...

Jan Hoiberg: Tell us about Eric Clapton's involvement in _Jubilation_?

Rick Danko: Eric's been a long time friend of the band and we love to play with him.

Frode: Is some cooperation with earlier partners like Robertson and Dylan possible?

Levon Helm: Hes always been a good buddy to us and a friend.

Rick Danko: Well, obviously not on this album.

Garth Hudson: They are several eariler partners....

Garth Hudson: I would like to include those who we feel are "Family" since the Band's beggining.

Garth Hudson: We know many excellent players....more than we do writers

Garth Hudson: We would like include more writers...

Garth Hudson: Anything could happen in the future..

Fendrgal: Could you each name your favorite song from Jubilation and why it was chosen for the album?

Rick Danko: it's the type of know...different songs and different days will be good depending on the day...we went through a lot of songs writing and creating this project.....

Levon Helm: todays song will be different from yesterdays song.

Garth Hudson: I think the word jubilation pretty much covers it...

levonette: any chance you will ever release the infamous old stuff from big pink days???

Garth Hudson: My favorite is Book Favorite Brown...

Rick Danko: everything will be released after we are gone hopefully some of it will be released before too long...eventually everything gets released anyway

Garth Hudson: I've got stuff thats unrealsed..but no body knows about.....

Levon Helm: We don't own the old songs Capitol Records does.

Steve Haffner: heard this one has an acoustic feel; any plans to do one with a mowtown feel in the future; Don't Do It and Lovin You are two of my favorites

Rick Danko: Good rock and roll will always be apart of our diet...we are not finished playing rock and roll...there is still plenty there...

Fendrgal: C'mon everyone- we want details.

Rick Danko: this is truly an album from everybody's heart

Mark Hoffman: Is it true that you guys once considered asking Richard Thompson to join the Band?

Rick Danko: Richard Thompson asked us if he could join the band, right?

levonette: you guys will ALWAYS "own" the songs!!!!

Rick Danko: It was too soon...we were not looking for any replacements, any guitar players at that time...he is a good guitar player and song writer...

Steve Haffner: Anything written by Cilin Linden or Jimmy Weider on Jubilation; Love's Like Rain is an exceptional tune -- real songwriting talent there IMO

Rick Danko: Jimmy Weaver wrote some stuff with us and played on it.

AndyH: How long have you guys known John Hiatt and how did he get involved in Jubilation

Rick Danko: Yes, a lot of people send material every week....we have a lot of people screening material....

JimmyT: Rick, I'm really looking forward to your upcoming Buffalo solo show at Nietzsche's on September 11

Rick Danko: It was an ideal song at an ideal time...

Garth Hudson: Me too

Garth Hudson: I hope he can do more with us...

Ron: Any plans to tour Wisconsin?

Rick Danko: It's always been a plan to come to Wisconsin.

Frode: Do you record most of your stuff live in the studio?

Rick Danko: Yes, we do.

Rick Danko: especially this album...we did do some overdubbings...that is part of the recording process...

Moderator: We have time for two more questions and that is it, before they have to leave.

Mark Hoffman: When are you coming back to Seattle. I want to bring an old friend of yours to your next show here--guitarist David Rea--who lives down the street from me out here on an island across from Seattle.

Garth Hudson: Is David on a boat?

bob: Hi! Thank you for "Jubilation"! Have you guys done any videos for individual songs on the album?

Garth Hudson: Maybe if we could work out a boat ride..we could make special arrangement...

Rick Danko: We're going to

Mark Hoffman: No, David lives in a house with his new wife Barbara. He's still playing music, too!

Rick Danko: any friends with the boat?

Stacy: any plans for an album after jubilation?

Rick Danko: absolutely!

Garth Hudson: We are working on one right now...

Rick Danko: I wanted to thank everybody for the huge's nice that people are showing interest in the makes me feel better about being in the U.S., being the good Canadian that I am, and thanks for everyone's support....we plan to be around for a long, long time.

Garth Hudson: Keep on keepin on guys, we're leavin.....

Rick Danko: Thank you guys!

Moderator: Thank you again for joining us for the live chat with the members of The Band, please check back at for the transcript of this chat. Thank-you

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