The Sea to the North cover art

The cover art for Garth Hudson's 2001 solo album The Sea to the North was created by his wife Maud. All graphics for The Sea to the North are copyright © 2001 Maud Hudson.

Robert Brower brought my vision for Garth's first solo CD cover to life with his tremendous talent and skill using oil paints. We are grateful to Joe LaMay of LaMay Design, for his skills and introducing me to Quark; Richard Wall for liner notes, biographical and promotional copy, editing and proofreading, print production advice, and friendship; and to Aaron Hurwitz for his tireless support and encouragement. You may recognize the background for the liner notes from the work Chris Metze contributed to with Garth's first T-shirt. A hearty thanks to all the photographers... John Scheele, Lee Gabites, and George Lembesis. I can't forget "Good Ol' Q"... Thank you Quentin, for your book and your letters. I'll always remember your kindness.
--Maud Hudson

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