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Deciding 1976's "The Best Of The Band" wasn't enough (or wanting to have a product out to compete with "The Last Waltz"), Capitol released the two-LP "Anthology", a skimpy 20-track, two-LP set with liner notes by rock critic Robert Palmer. It's more complete than The Best of The Band, but shares the same problem -- that the Band is best appreciated on their full-length albums rather than on any compilation.
-- William Ruhlmann, All-Music Guide


1. The Weight AU file (287K) MPEG-2 file (123K)
2. Chest Fever MPEG-2 file (122K)
3. I Shall Be Released AU file (234K) MPEG-2 file (123K)
4. Rag Mama Rag AU file (246K)
5. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down AU file (210K)
6. Up On Cripple Creek AU file (242K) MPEG-2 file (122K)
7. King Harvest [Has Surely Come] AU file (145K)
8. Stage Fright AU file (222K)
9. The Shape I'm In AU file (319K)
10. Daniel & The Sacred Harp
11. Ophelia AU file (166K) MPEG-2 file (121K)
12. It Makes No Difference AU file (285K) MPEG-2 file (120K)
13. Acadian Driftwood AU file (206K) MPEG-2 file (122K)
14. Right As Rain AU file (203K)
15. Livin' In A Dream AU file (164K)
16. Life Is A Carnival AU file (282K) MPEG-2 file (122K)
17. When I Paint My Masterpiece AU file (229K)
18. This Wheel's on Fire AU file (296K)
19. Great Pretender
20. Mystery Train AU file (2.7MB)

Anthology - The Band - 1978 - Capitol SKBO-11856
Double album in gatefold sleeve with notes by Robert Palmer.
Rereleased in 1982 as two separate LPs:
"Anthology, Vol.1" (Capitol SN-16010) and "Anthology, Vol.2" (Capitol SN-16011)
Compact Discs: Capitol 48419-2 (Vol.1) and Capitol 48986-2 (Vol.2), 1988.

AMG Rating: 7 (out of 9)

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