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2006 CD/DVD Digipack release from phenomenal blues/R&B/soul singer Alexis P. Suter, recorded live at Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble in Woodstock, NY. The Levon Helm Band, featuring Levon on drums, joins Ms Suter on track 13 on the CD.


  1. The Show (J. Bennett, A. Suter, V. Bell, P. Bennett)
  2. That You Can (V. Bell, P. Bennett, A. Suter)
  3. Do What You Do (A. Suter, V. Bell, P. Bennett, J. Bennett)
  4. Hole That I'm In (V. Bell, A. Suter, P. Bennett, R. Grappone)
  5. I'm A Ram (A. Green)
  6. Leavin' Is The Hardest (V. Bell, A. Suter)
  7. Teacher Man (V. Bell, P. Bennett, A. Suter)
  8. Sister Mary (V. Bell, A. Suter, R. Grappone)
  9. Plain Folks (H. Stroman, D. Martin, M. Cusick, R. Grappone, J. Collins, C. St. Bean)
  10. Be On Your Way (J. Bennett)
  11. Louisiana 1927 (R. Newman)
  12. Ride Ride (V. Bell, A. Suter, R. Grappone)

    Bonus Tracks

  13. Built For Comfort (W. Dixon)
  14. Precious Lord (T. Dorsey)


  • Alexis P. Suter - Lead Vocals
  • Ray Grappone - Drums and Percussion
  • Peter Bennett - Bass
  • Jimmy Bennett - Guitar
  • Bruce Katz - Piano, Organ and Keyboards
  • Vicki Bell - Background Vocals
  • Glenn Turner - Background Vocals

  • Amy Helm - Background Vocals
  • Debbie Hawkins - Piano
  • Jay Collins - Sax and Flute
  • Tony Leone - Percussion
  • Iris Williams - Background Vocals

    The Levon Helm Band on "Built For Comfort":

  • Levon Helm - Drums
  • Little Sammy Davis - Harp
  • Mike Merritt - Bass
  • Jimmy Vivino - Guitar
  • Larry Cambell - Guitar
  • Brian Mitchell - Piano
  • Eric Lawrence - Saxophone
  • Stephen Bernstein - Trumpet

The Alexis P. Suter Band - Live at the Midnight Ramble - 2006 - Levon Helm Studios

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