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Pete Pidgeon and Arcoda: ...At First Sight

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Pete Pidgeon and Arcoda was formed in March 1998 at SUNY New Paltz in New York. The band soon outgrew the Hudson Valley in 2000 after multiple local sellouts and moved to Boston that winter. Since Arcoda reformed on Halloween 2001, the band has been growing steadily and has amasses a strong Northeast following. Arcoda's debut album ...At First Sight hosts appearances from Levon Helm of The Band and Nate Albert of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones among others. The disc receives steady airplay from WERS in Boston and WKZE in western CT where it was named one of the top 10 indie releases of 2003. In addition, editors voted it one of one of their Top 50 albums in 2003. Arcoda's live show includes the 3-piece Two Dolla Crack Horns which is composed of Sam Kininger (Soulive), Brian Thomas (John Brown's Body), and Dave Szebeda (Nozmo King). In the vein of solo artists Sting and Bob Dylan, Pidgeon keeps the Arcoda lineup fresh with new talent as his sound evolves. With positive hype from such luminaries as Ed Toth of Vertical Horizon and Jim Loughlin of moe., Pete Pidgeon and Arcoda look towards a bright future.
--from, 2003


  1. Left Wing Politics In A Vacuum
  2. Say Baby
  3. Apple Core
  4. Dang, Somebody Done Stolded My Wheels
  5. But It Don't Worry Me
  6. When the Devils Come To Take My Angels Away
  7. Pretty Women Don't Follow Me
  8. Backup 40,000 lb. Love Ship
  9. Come To Me
  10. Stripped Down
  11. The Way
  12. The Way Out

Pete Pidgeon and Arcoda - ...At First Sight - 2003 - Fowl River Productions 001

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