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Kate Taylor: Beautiful Road

[cover art]

April 2003 release from Kate Taylor, sister of singer/songwriters James and Livingston Taylor. The CD features members of Bob Dylan's band (bassist Tony Garnier co-produced it), plus Chuck Leavell of the Rolling Stones, Levon Helm of the Band on mandolin, Mavis Staples, Arlen Roth, Peter Calo, Stu Kimball, Mindy Jostyn, Tom Hambridge, and brother James, who sings on two songs, including the apt opener, "I Will Fly."

Like her famous brother James, folksinger Kate Taylor has shared a love for music since she could remember. Her roots in rockabilly and pop flesh out her connection to the classic Appalachian stylings she's known to perform. She formed her first band at 15 and had a solo deal with Atlantic four years later; Sister Kate marked her debut in 1971. A self-titled sophomore effort appeared in 1978, showcasing production work by brother James and Barry Beckett (Alabama, J.J. Cale, Bob Dylan). Kate Taylor was an impressive piece of work; however, 1979's It's in There didn't fare as well. From here, Taylor took a break from the music industry. She resurfaced in 2003 after a 23-year sabbatical to release Beautiful Road. This particular album is a personal one for Taylor. Her longtime manager and husband, Charlie Witham, became ill during its recording and died several months prior to Beautiful Road's April 2003 release. Beautiful Road was dedicated to him.
--MacKenzie Wilson, All-Music Guide


  1. I Will Fly (Witham/Witham)
  2. Beautiful Road (Wheeler)
  3. Blue Tin Suitcase (Witham)
  4. The Golden Key (Witham)
  5. Rain on the Water (Witham)
  6. Flying in the Face of Mr. Blue (Bramblett/Causey/Jones)
  7. Shanty Song (Witham)
  8. He's Waiting (Taylor)
  9. Shores of Paradise (Witham)
  10. Auld Lang Syne


  • Kate Taylor - Vocals, Design
  • Arlen Roth - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Fender Telecaster
  • Kevin Barry - Guitar (Acoustic)
  • Richard Bell - Piano
  • Peter Calo - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
  • Larry Campbell - Guitar (Electric)
  • Shannon Ford - Percussion, Drums
  • Tony Garnier - Bass, Tambourine, Producer
  • Vance Gilbert - Guitar (Acoustic)
  • Levon Helm - Mandolin
  • Mindy Jostyn - Guitar, Violin
  • Stuart Kimball - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
  • Chuck Leavell - Organ, Piano, Organ (Hammond)
  • Dennis McDermott - Drums
  • Dr. Toby Mountain - Mastering
  • Scott Petito - Engineer
  • Mavis Staples - Vocals
  • Mark Tanzer - Engineer
  • Guy Webster - Poster Design
  • Tom Hambridge - Drums, Tambourine
  • John Morrison - Engineer
  • Clifford Carter - Synthesizer
  • Charlie Esposito - Engineer
  • Jim Parr - Engineer
  • Linda Witham - Photography
  • James Taylor, vocals

Kate Taylor - Beautiful Road - 2003 - CD Front Door 333

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