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Brian Auger & The Trinity:
The Best of Brian Auger & The Trinity

[cover art/45 single]

British jazz-rock organist Brain Auger and his group The Trinity (Dave Ambrose on bass and Clive Thacker on drums), together with singer Julie Driscoll (aka Julie Tippett), scored a #5 UK (#106 in the US) single hit in 1968 with a cover of Bob Dylan and Rick Danko's "This Wheel's on Fire". Auger later had several albums and singles that charted, both with and without Driscoll present.

Driscoll and Auger's version of this song, originally recorded by the Band and released in 1968 on Music from Big Pink, first appeared on LP on this 1970 compilation The Best of Brian Auger & The Trinity. It has later been included on many other albums, e.g. The Best of Julie Driscoll (Julie Driscoll, 1982, Polydor 2872114) and Season of the Witch (Julie Driscoll/Brian Auger & The Trinity, 1994, Polydor M06843),

Julie Driscoll recorded "This Wheel's on Fire" again in the early '90s together with Adrian Edmonson, as the theme to the massively successful award-winning BBC 1992-1995 TV series Absolutely Fabulous. For the series' 1996 special finale 2-part special "The Last Shout", the "Wheels" theme was re-recorded, this time sung by Marianne Faithfull (who also appears as God) and the legendary PP Arnold.


  1. Why
  2. This Wheel's on Fire (Rick Danko/Bob Dylan)
  3. Indian Rope Man
  4. Break It Up
  5. Word About the Colour
  6. Tramp
  7. Let the Sunshine In
  8. Road to Cairo
  9. Take Me to the Water
  10. I'm Going Back Home
  11. Save Me
  12. Kind of Lovin
Brian Auger & The Trinity - The Best of Brian Auger & The Trinity - 1970 - Polydor 2334004

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