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[LP back cover] [LP sleeve photo of Garth Hudson]

If you find this great album, don't pass it up. Especially great are the following cuts: "The Driver," "Valley of the Music," and "Nothin' Is New."
-- Richard Meyer, All-Music Guide

Robbie Robertson "discovered" Hirth Martinez in the early '70s, and produced his first album Hirth from Earth. The second Warner Bros. album from Robbie's favorite space-case, Big Bright Street, features Garth Hudson, a very popular sessionman for a variety of artists in the '70s, on one track. The album was produced by John Simon and gives a "special thanks" to Robbie Robertson.


(all songs by Hirth Martinez)
  1. Nothin' Is New
  2. Love Songs
  3. Big Bright Street
  4. The Star
  5. The Mothman Samba
  6. The Moone Toone
  7. The Driver
  8. Cold And Silver Moment
  9. Valley Of The Music
  10. The Circle Song
  11. Only In America, Jim


  • Hirth Martinez, Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar
  • John Simon, Producer/Arranger/Keybords/Percussion
  • Dave Bargeron, Trombone
  • Rubens Bassini, Percussion
  • Max Bennett, Bass
  • Randy Brecker, Trumpet
  • Herb Bushler, Bass
  • Ron Carter, Acoustic Bass
  • Bob Cranshaw, Bass
  • Billy Darnell, Electric Guitar
  • Michael DeTemple, Mandolin/Guitar
  • Chuck Domanico, Bass
  • Steve Gadd, Drums
  • John Guerin, Drums
  • Garth Hudson, Accordion
  • Jerry Jemmott, Bass
  • Jim Keltner, Drums
  • Keith Kreger, Background Vocal
  • Herb Lovelle, Drums
  • Harry Lookofsky, Strings Contractor
  • Gerge Marge, Sax
  • Chris Parker, Drums
  • Holly Penfield, Background Vocal
  • Mac "Dr. John" Rebennack, Piano/Organ/Percussion/Vocal Arr.
  • John Siegler, Bass
Hirth Martinez - Big Bright Street - 1977 - Warner Bros. BS 3031
Compact Disc: Warner Pioneer Corp. WPCP-4917 (Japan, 1992)

AMG Rating: Best-of-Artist

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