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Various Artists: The Golden Age of American Rock & Roll -- Bubbling Under Special Edition

Regional Hits That Just Missed the Hot 100 1959-1963

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Review by Peter Viney

This has 'Bo Diddley' by Ronnie Hawkins which it states was Roulette 4483 and US #117 in 1963. As ever with the Golden Age series, the booklet is stuffed with memorabilia and excellent essays, including an essay on this track. It also features a certain well-known photo of Ronnie & The Hawks on stage, which is Photo 6 of the Brass Rail Tavern, 1963, set on the Band site.

The notes say:

"If any record could be considered to be ahead of its time, then this was it. Over in England, 'Please Please Me' by The Beatles was just breaking while The Stones were still four months away from making their first record and Eric Clapton could be found gigging with pop bands in Surrey. In the states, Paul & Paula were holding down the US #1 spot with the syrupy 'Hey Paula'. Hawkins 'Bo Diddley' was a wild card seemingly lacking a target market, yet it sounded sensational on the air and you could dance a wild dance to it in places like the Peppermint Lounge".
The Bubbling Under Special Edition features some wonderful regional hits which just failed to make the Top 100 and is full of stuff that you only failed to hear by a whisker.


  1. Tore Up - Harmonica Fats
  2. The White Cliffs Of Dover - The Robins
  3. Colinda - Rod Bernard
  4. Bo Diddley - Ronnie Hawkins
  5. Need Your Love - The Metallics
  6. Cut You A-Loose - Ricky Allen
  7. Ronnie Is My Lover - The Delicates
  8. If The World Don't End Tomorrow (I'm Comin' After You) - Doug Warren & The Rays
  9. I Got Burned - Ral Donner
  10. Seagrams aka Seagreen - The Viceroys
  11. Bring Back Your Heart - The Del Vikings
  12. A Story Untold - The Emotions
  13. Bustin' Surfboards - The Tornadoes
  14. Gee Baby - Joe & Ann
  15. Trouble Up The Road - Jackie Brensten
  16. How Will It End? - Barry Darvell
  17. Come Dance With Me - Eddie Quinteros
  18. All Night Long Part 2 - Robert Parker
  19. Maybe You'll Be There - Billy & The Essentials
  20. Louisiana Man - Rusty & Doug
  21. Book Of Love - Bobby Bare
  22. My Type Of Girl - The Memos
  23. Holy One - Freddie Fender
  24. Over You - Aaron Neville
  25. Life Is But A Dream - The Earls
  26. Nut Rocker - Jack B Nimble & The Quicks
  27. The Wind - The Jesters
  28. I'm So Happy (Tra La La) - The Ducanes
  29. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye - Danny White
  30. Shim Sham Shuffle - Ricky Lyons

Various Artists - The Golden Age of Rock & Roll - 2006 - Ace CDCHD 1060

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