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Ronnie Hawkins: Can't Stop Rockin'

[cover art]

Sony released the Hawkins CD Can't Stop Rockin in November 2001. It includes material from Hawkins' past recordings from the '50s up to the '90s, as well as three new and unreleased tracks, with liner notes by Robbie Robertson.

The new material includes the title cut, which was written by Hawkins' son, Robin who currently plays guitar in his father's band, the song "Blue Moon in My Sign" with Levon Helm/ Robbie Robertson, and "Friendship" with Kris Kristofferson.

Levon and Robbie recorded their respective mandolin/drums and guitar parts in separate studio sessions in 2000, without knowing about each others' contributions. "Levon and Robbie still ain't talkin' to each other after 26 years, but they play fine together - just not at the same time," was Hawkins' comment.


  1. Hey Good Lookin' - Ronnie Hawkins
  2. Forty Days - Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks
  3. Mary Lou - Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks
  4. My Girl Is Red Hot - Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks
  5. Dizzy Miss Lizzy - Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks
  6. Hey Boba Lou - Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks
  7. Bo Diddley - Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks
  8. Who Do You Love? - Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks
  9. Susie Q - Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks
  10. Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Ronnie Hawkins
  11. Memphis, Tennessee - Ronnie Hawkins
  12. Ain't That a Shame - Ronnie Hawkins
  13. Maybelene - Ronnie Hawkins
  14. Lodi - Ronnie Hawkins
  15. Days Gone By - Ronnie Hawkins
  16. Blue Moon In My Sign - Ronnie Hawkins [RealAudio]
  17. Friendship - Ronnie Hawkins With Kris Kristofferson
  18. Can't Stop Rockin' - Ronnie Hawkins

Ronnie Hawkins - Can't Stop Rockin' - 2001 - Sony Canada 24110

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