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Soundtrack album: The Center of the World

[cover art]

2001 soundtrack album, including Robbie Robertson's "Rattlebone" from Contact from the Underworld of Red Boy

San Francisco's Six Degrees label offers up 12 helpings of aural sex on this soundtrack to Wayne Wang's steamy drama. While the majority of tracks have previously appeared elsewhere, it's still a decent, downtempo-slanted mini-tour of music's erotic landscape. Prefer seductions of the sweltering sort? See Laika's sexy funk or DJ Cam's warm and close instrumental hip-hop. Care to throw in a little mystery? Robbie Robertson chimes in with a typical travelogue of late-night desolation while Euphoria make the scene with their woozy slide-guitar stylings. Representatives for Brazil and the Asian Underground are also here in full force, from stuttery Hindu exotica (DJ Cheb i Sabbah) to spacey, pulsing Iranian/Algerian experimentronica (Ekova) to lush and sensuous bossa nova (Bebel Gilberto). The chronically underappreciated Joe Henry ends the proceedings with a midtempo ballad, somehow simultaneously sweet and wounded.
--Bob Michaels,


  1. Black Cat Bone - Laika
  2. Millenium - DJ Cam
  3. Rattlebone - Robbie Robertson
  4. Daylight Tripping - Nicky Love
  5. (Is This) Heaven? - Euphoria
  6. Kese Kese (Where's the Sarangi Mix) - dj Cheb i Sabbah
  7. Temoine (Farmakit Extended Remix) - Ekova
  8. The Sheer Weight of Memory - Bob Holroyd
  9. Alguim - Bebel Gilberto
  10. Tantos Desejos (So Many Desires) - Suba
  11. Currents - Kingsuk Biswas
  12. Mean Flower - Joe Henry

Soundtrack album - The Center of the World - 2001 - Six Degrees 1041

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