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Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito: Circles in Sand

[cover art]

2001 album from the lovely Ritter and Petito, with a cover of "Fallen Angel" from Robbie Robertson, dedicated to "our friend Rick Danko."

Like water, the greater and more prosperous of popular music seeks its lowest level, eventually flooding the low lying areas. With that hypothesis stated, the reason Ritter and Petito aren't big fish in that toxic pop pond is because they have chosen to seek, and readily achieve the higher levels of the human spirit on their illuminating new disc Circles in Sand. Blending intimate songwriting, New Age atmospherics, world music flourishes, Ritter's perfect vocals and Petito's integral musicianship and production, it's no wonder you can feel your spirit ascend above the headlines on their supreme cover of "Woodstock." Taking the spirit higher is the bittersweet, yet life-affirming "One Person" and the Gabriel-esque environmental warning "She Waits." Add Tom Pacheo's bold and repentant "A Million Stars," Robbie Robertson's somber "Fallen Angel," two more originals ("Circles in Sand" and "Thin Ice") and the celebration of everything human is rapturously complete. Circles in Sand is one of those rare moments in music deserving of far greater attention than it will undoubtedly get. Too bad too. The world could sure use a lift.
--Michael Jurkovic, Rhythm & News Magazine

Ritter & Petito


  1. Circles In Sand
  2. Woodstock
  3. Fallen Angel
  4. Only The Rain
  5. When The Night Spills
  6. One Person
  7. She Waits
  8. Thin Ice
  9. A Million Stars
  10. Daybreak


  • Leslie Ritter - Vocals
  • Scott Petito - Producer, Engineer, Guitars, Bass, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Piano, Keyboards, Loops
  • Jerry Marotta - Drums, Percussion
  • Steve Gorn - Clarinet Bansuri Flutes
  • David Torn - Oud, Gamalan Cloud, Pedal Steel, Loops
  • Chris Brubeck - Trombone
  • Peter "Madcat" Ruth - Harmonica
  • Mike DeMicco - Electric Guitar
  • Aaron Hurwitz - Organ
  • Cecil Hooker - Violins
  • Cindy Mangsen - Accordian
  • Beth Reineke - Background Vocals
  • Ben Wittman - Drums
  • Leona Nadj - Violins
  • Rachel Handman - Violins
  • Terry Champlin - String Arrangement, Conducting
Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito - Circles in Sand - 2001 - Hudson Valley Records

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