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[cover art]

Sony repackaged and re-released three of Neil Diamond's most popular albums -- including the wonderful singles collection Classics: The Early Years, Jazz Singer and Beautiful Noise -- as a slip-cased box set. It's not a bad way to acquire the albums if you don't already own them, but there are no bonus tracks or new packaging or remastering, which means it's of marginal interest to hardcore collectors.
-- Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All-Music Guide

Robbie Robertson and Garth Hudson are credited here for their contributions to the Robertson-produced platinum album Beautiful Noise.


  1. Kentucky Woman (Diamond)
  2. Cherry, Cherry (Diamond)
  3. Solitary Man (Diamond)
  4. You Got to Me (Diamond)
  5. I Got the Feelin' (Oh No, No) (Diamond)
  6. Thank the Lord for the Night Time (Diamond)
  7. I'm a Believer (Diamond)
  8. Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon (Diamond)
  9. Shilo (Diamond)
  10. Do It (Diamond)
  11. Red, Red Wine (Diamond)
  12. Boat That I Row (Diamond)
  13. America (Diamond)
  14. Adon Olom (Traditional)
  15. You Baby (Diamond)
  16. Love on the Rocks (Becaud/Diamond)
  17. Amazed and Confused (Bennett/Diamond)
  18. On the Robert E. Lee (Becaud/Diamond)
  19. Summerlove (Becaud/Diamond)
  20. Hello Again (Diamond/Lindgren)
  21. Acapulco (Diamond/Rhone)
  22. Hey Louise (Becaud/Diamond)
  23. Songs of Life (Becaud/Diamond)
  24. Jerusalem (Diamond)
  25. Kol Nidre (Traditional)
  26. My Name Is Yussel (Diamond)
  27. America (Diamond)
  28. Beautiful Noise (Diamond)
  29. Stargazer (Diamond)
  30. Lady-Oh (Diamond)
  31. Don't Think...Feel (Diamond)
  32. Surviving the Life (Diamond)
  33. If You Know What I Mean (Diamond)
  34. Street Life (Diamond)
  35. Home Is a Wounded Heart (Diamond)
  36. Jungletime (Diamond)
  37. Signs (Diamond)
  38. Dry Your Eyes (Diamond/Robertson)


(only members of The Band listed)
  • Robbie Robertson, guitars / producer
  • Garth Hudson, organ

Neil Diamond - Classics: The Early Years / Jazz Singer / Beautiful Noise - 1997 - Sony 65371

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