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Soundtrack Album: Coal Miner's Daughter

[cover art]

[Levon Helm single label]

They wanted me to cut a version of Bill Monroe's "Blue Moon of Kentucky" for the sound track to Coal Miner's Daughter, and I had to swallow hard on that one and ask the producer how he'd like to follow the Blue Grass Boys and Elvis Presley. But I went into the studio with the Cate Brothers and Fred Carter Jr., and after we did "Blue Moon", we figured why not put a little more hay in the barn, so we cut twenty more tracks. Around the time Coal Miner's Daughter came out in 1980, MCA (who had gobbled up ABC) released ten of these under the title American Son.
-- Levon Helm, This Wheel's on Fire

Given the natural Appalachian twang in his voice, it only made sense that Levon should contribute a song to the Coal Miner's Daughter soundtrack. Thus it was that he found himself in Nashville's legendary Bradley Barn studios cutting a superb version of "Blue Moon of Kentucky".
-- Barney Hoskyns, Across the Great Divide

A Levon Helm 45 single was also released after these recording sessions, as MCA Records MCA-41202. The A-side was "Blue Moon of Kentucky", on the B-side was Levon Helm's version of Allen Toussaint's classic "Working In The Coal Mine".

Coal Miner's Daughter was re-released on CD in the spring of 2000. There's an entry for the film in the Internet Movie Database.


1. Titanic
2. Blue Moon Of Kentucky MPEG-3 file (94K)
3. There He Goes
4. One's On The Way
5. Amazing Grace
6. Walking After Midnight
7. Crazy
8. I Fall To Pieces
9. There He Goes
10. I'm A Honky Tonk Girl
11. Back In Baby's Arms
12. You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man
13. You're Lookin' At Country
14. Coal Miner's Daughter


  • Fred Carter Jr., producer
  • Earl Cate
  • Ernie Cate
  • Beverly D'Angelo
  • Levon Helm, vocal

Soundtrack Album - Coal Miner's Daughter - 1980 - MCA Records MCA-5107
Compact Disc: UNI/MCA (2000)

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