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Writing On The Wall: Cracks In The Illusion Of Life

A History Of Writing On The Wall

[cover art]

1995 limited edition vinyl LP compilation of outtakes, demos and unreleased material from Scottish '60s and '70s psychedelic rock outfit Writing On The Wall. Includes a rough version of The Band's "Katie's Been Gone", supposedly recorded in 1968 -- if so, these Scots must've been listening to a copy of one of the early Basement Tapes bootlegs.

Writing on the Wall were a Scottish rock band of the late 1960s and early 1970s who became a popular live act in the United Kingdom. The group originally formed as the Jury, changing their name to Writing on the Wall in early 1968. That same year, the band recorded a BBC radio session for disc jockey John Peel and made a live demo album as well. They eventually recorded their lone album, The Power of the Picts, for the Middle Earth label. In 1971 the band did another session for John Peel and made an LP in Scotland that was never released in 1972, then went through several lineup changes. The group tried to record another album in Wales near the end of 1973, but gave up when their equipment was stolen in December of that year.
-- from Wikipedia


  1. Quords And Music
  2. Peter Gunn
  3. Felicity Jane
  4. Flight Of The Mind
  5. Katie's Been Gone
  6. Fishers Of Men
  7. Buffalo
  8. Nobody Knows
  9. Bellyful Of Rock
  10. Man Of Reknown
  11. Tripsy Lady

Writing On The Wall - Cracks In The Illusion Of Life - 1995 - Tenth Planet TP017

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