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Rick Danko: Cryin' Heart Blues

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Released on the Canadian Other Peoples Music label in November 2005, Cryin' Heart Blues is a 17-track Rick Danko solo CD with various previously unreleased studio and live recordings. Dutch release with new artwork on Corazong Records in 2007.

The Band's Rick Danko delivers a solid set of studio originals from 1978 with his patent rock 'n soul voice. Previousy unheard, these songs were written and recorded with Beach Boys' and Rolling Stones' singer Blondie Chaplin as the unreleased follow-up to 1977's Rick Danko on Arista Records. Unlike that record, there's not a Band-mate in sight for these sessions-just Rick, a hand-picked set of West Coast players, and on one song even a celebrated pair of surprise guest guitarists. However, we've included recently unearthed Tommy Spurlock productions that include keyboardist Garth Hudson. Also included as a Bonus are 4 live rockin' recordings from 1979 featuring Rick, Blondie, and guest Paul Butterfield on harmonica, professionally recorded with a multi-track mobile studio.
--Other Peoples Music press release, September 2005


(*: live)

1.Mystery Train*
(w/Tommy Spurlock, acoustic)
3.When I Get My Just Rewards
4. Lay Back
5. Turn to Stone
(old Motown hit)
6. Cry Another Tear MPEG-3 file (748K)
7. Cheatin' Heart
(demo, with Blondie Chaplin)
8. Cheatin' Heart
(Rick w/Band)
9. It's Alright, It's OK MPEG-3 file (400K)
10. Don't Make Promises
11. Old Mexico
12. Cryin' Heart Blues MPEG-3 file (556K)
13. New Mexicoe MPEG-3 file (646K)
14. Brainwash*
15. Java Blues* MPEG-3 file (950K)
16. Unfaithful Servant*
17. Mystery Train*
(full band version)

Composer Credits

1, 17:Sam Phillips & Junior Parker
2, 16:J.R.Robertson
3:Paul Kennerley
4:Credited to Danko on the original US 2005 release. This is an error that was corrected on the European release in 2007. The song is written by UK pop writer duo Nicky Chinn/Mike Chapman and was a hit for the group Smokie in 1977.
11:Rick Danko (according to bmi, 11 was co-written with Bobby Charles, who recorded the song for his unreleased 2nd Bearsville album)
6, 7, 8, 10:Blondie Chaplin
12:Joe Brown
14, 15:Danko/Grogan

Tracks Details

1: Recorded live in Knoxville, TN at Ella Gurus Club 3/22/90 with Tommy Spurlock, lap steel, backing vocals, producer.
2 & 3: Recorded at Paramount Studios, Hollywood, CA 9/27/88, engineered by Edwin Deshaco, produced by Tommy Spurlock, with Garth Hudson, keyboards, David Vaught, bass, Jim Goodall, drums (3), Shredni (sic), harp, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, steel guitar (2), Maud Hudson, backing vocals (3), Tommy Spurlock, lap steel & backing vocals.
4,5,6,7,8,10: Studio/engineer unknown, producer Rick Danko 1987 (looks like a typo, these recordings probably date from 1978) with Blondie Chaplin, guitar & piano; Dick Simms, organ; John Lee Schell, guitar, Richie Hayward, drums.
9, 11, 12: Recorded at One Step Up, Los Angeles, CA 7/14/78, produced by Rick, engineered by Bob Stringer, with Michael DeTemple, Jim Atkinson & Keith Ellison, guitars, Jerry Peterson, saxophone, Marty Greb (sic), piano, Dick Simms, organ, & Denny Seiwell, drums.
13: Recorded at Shangri-La, 1977, engineered by Ed Anderson, with Ron (Wood?), Eric (Clapton?) and Pete (?), guitars; piano & drums unknown.
14-17: Live 1979 with Blondie Chaplin, Paul Butterfield, and Richie Hayward.

Rick Danko - Cryin' Heart Blues - 2005 - Other Peoples Music - CD-OPM-6601
European CD - 2007 - Corazong Records - 255 034

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