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[cover art]

Born in Providence, RI, as S. David Cohen (a name he returned to for one of his albums), David Blue was a member of the folk singer/songwriter community of Greenwich Village in the 60s and a close friend of Bob Dylan's (he recounts this period of his life in Dylan's movie Renaldo & Clara). Blue made several albums for Elektra, Reprise, and Asylum in the 60s and 70s, and is best remembered for his songs "I Like to Sleep Late in the Morning" and "Wanted Man" (recorded by the Eagles).
--William Ruhlmann, All-Music Guide

David Blue's 1976 Asylum album, Cupid's Arrow, featured an all-star back-up band that included The Band's Levon Helm along with guitarists David Lindley, Jesse Ed Davis and former Atlanta resident Auburn Burrell (who previously played with Mylon LeFevre). This is an interesting album, although David Blue's singing voice is an "acquired taste", even more so than Dylan's.

On the cover of Dylan and The Band's The Basement Tapes, David Blue (wearing a trench coat and bowler hat) can be seen sitting on the floor next to Rick Danko.


  1. Run,Run,Run
  2. The Ballad of Jennifer Lee
  3. Tom's Song
  4. I Feel Bad
  5. Cordelia
  6. Maria,Maria
  7. Cupid's Arrow
  8. Primeval Tune
  9. She's Got You


  • David Blue - guitar, vocals
  • Jesse Ed Davis - guitar
  • David Lindley - guitar, violin
  • Jackie Lomax - vocals
  • Phyllis Brown - vocals
  • Patti Brooks - vocals
  • Bill Schwartz - vocals
  • Barry Goldberg - keyboards
  • Levon Helm - drums
  • Auburn Barrell Jr. - guitar
  • Michael Baird - drums
  • Barry Goldberg - producer

David Blue - Cupid's Arrow - 1976 - Aylum 7E-1077/ Asylum P-10248Y

AMG Rating: OK

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