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Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks: The EP Collection

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UK Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks 24-track compilation released in 2002 on the See For Miles label, claiming to contain tracks from EPs. There's a list of EP releases with cover art in the booklet. Good sleeve notes by Joop Visser and a photo in the back sleeve tray of The Hawks live.

While every track is carefully referenced to various UK, French and Swedish EPs, which makes it look meticulously researched, e.g. "Track 2 taken from Versailles 90M 273 (France)" and "Track 3 taken from Columbia SEG 7988 (UK)", it's all bullshit, because it contanis the first album complete in the original running order, plus most of Mr Dynamo in the original running order, plus four tracks of Sings Hank Williams . Thus it doesn't recreate the actual EPs that it purports to. The only reality about the title is that tracks from Mr Dynamo which never made it to EP are eliminated from this. All of the first album appeared on CD somewhere. Even the excellent photo in the jewel case tray holder is a 1961 shot, though the tracks are all 1959-1960. Sound is very good. "Magill" has become "Magile" on all credits. The fake credits to "Helm" persist, though as on The Roulette Years, Chuck Willis is correctly credited for "Southern Love."
--Peter Viney, May 2002


  1. Ruby Baby (Leiber-Stoller)1959
  2. Forty Days (Berry) 1959
  3. Horace (Hawkins-Magill)1959
  4. One of these days (Hawkins-Magill) 1959
  5. What'cha gonna do? (Hawkins-Magill-Helm) 1959
  6. Wild Little Willy (Hawkins-Magill) 1959
  7. Mary Lou (Jessie - Ling) 1959
  8. Oh Sugar (Hawkins-Magill) 1959
  9. Odessa (Hawkins-Magill) 1959
  10. Need Your Lovin' (Hawkins-Magill) 1959
  11. My Girl is Red Hot (Emerson) 1959
  12. Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Williams) 1959
  13. Baby Jean (Hawkins-Magill-Helm) 1960
  14. Southern Love (Willis) 1960
  15. Someone Like You (Hawkins-Magill-Robertson) 1960
  16. You Cheated You Lied (Helm) 1960
  17. Lonely Hours (Hawkins-Felts) 1960
  18. Clara (Hawkins) 1960
  19. Honey Don't (Carl Perkins) 1960
  20. Sick 'n' Tired (Kenner-Bartholomew) 1960
  21. Cold Cold Heart (Hank Williams) 1960
  22. Jambalaya (Hank Williams) 1960
  23. You Win Again (Hank Williams) 1960
  24. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight (Hank Williams) 1960

Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks - The EP Collection - 2002 - See For Miles SEECD709

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