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[cover art]

Robbie Robertson appears on lead vocals on one track, "All This Means To Me," on Howie B.'s 2001 album Folk. Other guest artists on the album include David Essex and Sweetie on vocals, Robbie McIntosh on guitar and Jon Hassell on trumpet. No guest appears more than once.

"All This Means To Me" features Robbie's trademark breathy whisper over, sorry, under, a heavy computer bass line with delicate adornments from Howie B. around this. The chorus is actually All this means this to me... I've noticed in past interviews how often Robbie uses 'this' in speech. It's reminiscent of Redboy and the previous Howie B collaboration "Take Your Partner By the Hand." Lyric quote:

Wake up... wake up to this...
I woke up last night, soaked to the bone
I could heard someone breathingat the other end of the phone...
Hello... Hello... (Don't sleep under the cherry tree,
with anyone else but me) Now you see us, now you don't
She says she will but you know she won't
Taking myself out of the picture
Taking myself of the wall...
--Peter Viney


  1. Making Love on Your Side
  2. All this Means to Me (Howie B./ Robbie Robertson/ Mike Benson)
    Credits: Robbie Robertson, Mike Benson - vocals/ Jeremy Shaw - bass guitar/ Howie B. - Notron programming
  3. Musical Mayday
  4. Touch
  5. Duet
  6. Watermelon Sugar
  7. Hey Jack
  8. My Wee Cod Piece
  9. Tap Dancer
  10. Telephone

Howie B. - Folk - 2001 - CD - Polydor 549 7842

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