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Garth Hudson guests on keyboards the song "Hickory Wind" on this December 2002 debut album from Burrito Deluxe, a tribute to Gram Parsons' (aka GP or the "Georgia Peach") original Flying Burrito Brothers, fronted by pedal steel virtuoso and Burrito veteran Sneaky Pete Kleinow.

Garth started playing gigs with Burrito Deluxe after the release of Georgia Peach. When a new line-up recorded their second album The Whole Enchilada in 2004, Garth was a regular member of the group.
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  1. [RealAudio] Wheels (Ch. Hillman/G. Parsons)
  2. [RealAudio] Secret of Life (T. Spurlock/L. Powers/E.B. Lee)
  3. [RealAudio] Cash on the Barrel Head (I. & Ch. Louvin)
  4. [RealAudio] Hickory Wind (G. Parsons/B. Buchanan)
  5. [RealAudio] Bluest Brown Eyes (C. Moody/E.B. Lee)
  6. [RealAudio] She's Still the Queen (T. Spurlock/M. Cowart)
  7. [RealAudio] Streets of Baltimore (H. Howard/T. Glaser)
  8. [RealAudio] Call It Love (R. Lanow/R. Guilbeau/B. Crain)
  9. [RealAudio] Christine's Tune (G. Parsons/Ch. Hillman)
  10. [RealAudio] Old Memories (C. Moody/J. Powell/P.D. Ruff)
  11. [RealAudio] She once Lived here (A. Inman)
  12. [RealAudio] Louisiana (G. Guilbeau/John Beland)
  13. [RealAudio] Feels Like a Heartache to Me (G. Guilbeau/R. Guilbeau)
  14. [RealAudio] G.P. (L. Powers/T. Spurlock)


  • Produced by Tommy Spurlock

    Burrito Deluxe are:

  • Sneaky Pete Kleinow: steel guitar
  • Tommy Spurlock: electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, mandolin, steel guitar, dobro, lap steel
  • Carlton Moody: acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Willie Watson: vocals

    Guest artists:

  • Gib Guilbeau: vocals (lead on tracks 9 & 12), fiddle
  • Rick Lanow: drums
  • David Vaught: bass
  • Jim Brown: keyboards
  • Glen Duncan: fiddle
  • Barry Bales: bass
  • John Gardner: drums
  • Don Rigsby: vocals
  • Garth Hudson: keyboards
  • Gillian Welch: vocals
  • Dave Rawlings: vocals
  • Ketch Secor: fiddle
  • Denise Draper: vocals
  • Glenn Worf: bass
  • Randy Hardison: drums
  • Anthony Crawford: vocals
Burrito DeLuxe - Georgia Peach - 2002 - Lamon Records 10299

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