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[cover art]

[UK reissue]

The band Hungry Chuck was formed by members of Great Speckled Bird, the backup band for Ian and Sylvia Tyson, in the early 1970s. Members of Hungry Chuck lived in Woodstock when the Hungry Chuck album was recorded at Grossman's Bearsville studios. They have later been working with several of the Band's musical friends like Bobby Charles, Ringo Starr and Neil Young. A more detailed history of Hungry Chuck was sent to me by bandmember Jim Colgrove. See also the official Hungry Chuck web site and Hideki Watanabe's Hungry Chuck web pages.

Hungry Chuck has been reissued several times on LP and CD in Japan. In the UK it was reissued with different cover art under the title South in New Orleans.

Garth Hudson on soprano and tenor sax on the song "People Do".


  1. !Hats off, America!
  2. Cruising
  3. Old Thomas Jefferson
  4. Play That Country Music
  5. Find the Enemy
  6. People Do
  7. Watch the Trucks Go by
  8. Dixie Highway
  9. You Better Watch It Ben, Some Day You're Gonna Run out of Gas
  10. Hoona, Spoona
  11. All Bowed down
  12. South in New Orleans


  • Paul Butterfield, harmonica
  • Jim Colegrove, bass/vocal
  • Peter Ecklund, horns/whistles/trumpet/cornet
  • Amos Garrett, guitars/bass/vocal
  • Jeffrey Gutcheon, piano/vocal
  • Garth Hudson, sax
  • Ben Keith, vocal/pedal steel/dobro/percussion
  • Geoff Muldaur, clarinet
  • N.D. Smart II, vocal/drums

Hungry Chuck - Hungry Chuck - 1972 - Bearsville BR 2071

UK releases:
(titled South In New Orleans with different cover art)
See For Miles Records, LP, See 220 (1988)
C-Five Records, CD, C5CD 590 (1992)

Japanese releases:
Warner-Pioneer Corp, LP, P-7606W (1977)
CBS/SONY Inc, LP, 20AP-1988, (1983)
Pony Canyon Inc., Japan, CD, PCCY-00727 (1995)

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