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Teresa Brewer: In London

Teresa Brewer started out as a spunky novelty vocalist in the 1950s and weathered the rise of rock to emerge as an exuberant jazz singer in the 1970s. Though some find it disconcerting to hear her cutesy, slightly nasal, Your Hit Parade-style delivery in a jazz context, at her best she can swing with a loose and easy fervor, aided greatly by the distinguished company she often keeps on her records. Brewer started singing on Major Bowes' Amateur Hour at the age of five and scored her first big hit as a teenager in 1950 with the diabolically catchy "Music! Music! Music!" That ditty found its way onto almost every jukebox in the land and launched a series of hit singles on Coral stretching all the way to 1961. Her marriage to record producer Bob Thiele in 1972 led to her re-emergence via a long string of albums for Thiele's labels (Doctor Jazz, Signature, Red Baron), often in tandem with such luminaries as Count Basie, Benny Carter, Duke and Mercer Ellington, Stephane Grappelli, Earl Hines and Clark Terry.
--Richard S. Ginell, All-Music Guide

[cover art]
Theresa Brewer
Brewer sings "Up on Cripple Creek" on the In London live album, recorded with Chas and Daves band Oily Rags, i.e. Chas Hodges, Dave Peacock, Peter Frampton(!), Joe Jammer, Peter Robinson, Caleb Quaye, and Mike Giles Brewer. Oily Rags/Chas and Dave themselves covered "Time to Kill" on the album Oily Rags.

I have never heard Brewer's version of "Cripple", and I hope I never will.


  1. Music, Music Music (Baum,B./Weiss,S.)
  2. Pilgrim - Chapter 33 (Kristofferson,Kris)
  3. Another Useless Day (Hodges,Chas)
  4. Up on Cripple Creek (Robertson,Robbie)
  5. Music to the Man (Coulton,T./Smith,R.)
  6. Come Running (Morrison,Van)
  7. Saturday Night (Fray/Henley/Leadon/Misener)
  8. Hot Damn Home Made Wine (Hodges,Chas/Peacock,Dave)
  9. School Days (Berry,Chuck)
  10. Whupin' It (Gearheart,Charles)
Teresa Brewer - In London - 1975 - Signature 39421

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