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Theoretically, even though the Band had given up touring as of Thanksgiving 1976, they were going to keep making records, and Islands was the first album released in the new era. Only, it wasn't; it was the album they scraped together to complete their 10-LP contract with Capitol Records and the last new full-length album the original five members ever made. The playing, as ever, was impeccable, and the record had its moments, notably a Richard Manuel vocal on the chestnut "Georgia On My Mind" that had been released as a single in 1976 to boost Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter's successful run for the Presidency. But the songwriting quality was mediocre, and the Band had set such a standard for itself in that department that Islands couldn't help suffering enormously in comparison.
--William Ruhlmann, All-Music Guide

A detailed review of Islands, including a song-by-song survey, appeared in the newsgroup in January '96. See also the positive review from ZigZag in 1977.

A limited edition Japanese CD, with very nice artwork and covers, but horrible lyrics transcriptions, came in 1998. The 2001 remastered re-issue of Islands from Capitol Records, mixed from the original, first-generation master tapes, has two bonus tracks: the version of "Twilight," which was originally released as a single (and on the original Best Of The Band), and an alternate take of "Georgia On My Mind." The release feature an expanded booklet with rare photos and liner notes by Grammy award-winner Rob Bowman.


(*: bonus tracks on 2001 CD re-issue)

1. Right As Rain (Robertson) AU file (203K)
2. Street Walker (Danko/Robertson)
3. Let the Night Fall (Robertson) AU file (268K)
4. Ain't That a Lot of Love (Banks/Parker)
5. Christmas Must Be Tonight (Robertson)
6. Islands (Danko/Hudson/Robertson)
7. The Saga of Pepote Rouge (Robertson) AU file (2.0 MB)
8. Georgia On My Mind (Carmichael/Gorrell) AU file (418K)
9. Knockin' Lost John (Robertson) AU file (136K)
10. Livin' in a Dream (Robertson) AU file (164K)
11.* Twilight (single version)
12.* Georgia On My Mind (alternate take)


  • The Band, Producer
  • Robbie Robertson, Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals
  • Tom Malone, Horn
  • Rick Danko, Bass / Violin / Vocals
  • John Simon, Horn / Keyboards
  • Eddie Anderson, Engineer
  • Edward Anderson, Engineer
  • Neil Brody, Engineer
  • Rob Fraboni, Engineer
  • James Gordon, Horn
  • Levon Helm, Guitar / Drums / Vocals
  • Garth Hudson, Horn / Keyboards / Saxophone
  • Nat Jeffreys, Engineer
  • Richard Manuel, Drums / Keyboards / Vocals
  • Larry Packer, Violin
  • Jeremy Zatkin, Engineer
  • Christopher Morris, Liner Notes
  • Jim Gordon, Horn

Islands - The Band - (35:15) - 1977 - Capitol SO-11602
Single sleeve LP.
Rereleased in 1980 (Capitol SN-16007)
Compact Disc: Capitol C2-93591 with liner notes by Chris Morris
Limited Edition CD: Capitol Japan M57624 (1998)
Remastered CD with bonus tracks: Capitol Records 72435-25392-2-2 (2001)
Limited Edition "mini-sleeve" CD: Caroline Records 22223, UK (2008)

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