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A full seventeen years after "The Last Waltz", the Band reforms without Robbie Robertson or the late Richard Manuel and records Jericho. Far from being an embarassment, "Jericho" is their strongest record since Northern Lights, Southern Cross and arguably their best since Stage Fright. Without Robertson, the Band relies on a variety of sources for their material (including Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Jules Shear) and they prove that they could interpret nearly any song well. Musically, the Band can still juggle rock, folk, blues, and country effortlessly, producing a rootsy sound that is distinctly their own. It sounds like the heyday of the group, which is more than can be said of either of Robertson's solo albums.
--Review from the All-Music Guide

Jericho was reissued by Fontana's Titan/Pyramid Records in February 2006, featuring 24-bit remastering.


1. Remedy MPEG3-file (94K)
2. Blind Willie McTell MPEG3-file (94K)
3. The Caves of Jericho MPEG3-file (94K)
4. Atlantic City MPEG3-file (94K)
5. Too Soon Gone MPEG3-file (94K)
6. Country Boy MPEG3-file (94K)
7. Move to Japan MPEG3-file (94K)
8. Amazon - River of Dreams MPEG3-file (94K)
9. Stuff You Gotta Watch MPEG3-file (94K)
10. Same Thing MPEG3-file (94K)
11. Shine a Light MPEG3-file (94K)
12. Blues Stay Away from Me MPEG3-file (94K)


The Band

  • Rick Danko, vocals/ bass
  • Levon Helm, vocals/ drums/ mandolin
  • Garth Hudson, keyboards/ accordion/ saxophones
  • Richard Manuel vocals/ piano
  • Randy Ciarlante, vocals/ drums
  • Rick Bell, keyboards
  • Jim Weider, guitars/ vocals


  • Champion Jack Dupree, piano
  • Vassar Clements, fiddle
  • Eric Bazilian, mandolin
  • Rob Hyman, keyboards
  • Stan Szelest (RIP), electric piano
  • Steve Jordan, drums
  • Jules Shear, background vocals
  • Tommy Spurlock, guitar
  • Artie Traum, guitar
  • John Simon, producer++
  • Colin Linden, co-writer/background vocals
  • Bobby Strickland, saxophones
  • Dave Douglas, trumprt
  • Rob Leon
  • Aaaron Hurwitz, producer/ engineer
  • Chris Andersen, engineer
  • Steve Churchyard, engineer

The Band - Jericho - 57:08 - 1993 - Pyramid R2 71564
Remastered CD: Titan-Pyramid 501032 - 2006

AMG Rating: Good

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