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Various Artists: Klone Ikons

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ehm... British 4-CD set, subtitled "a kollektion of klone klassiks," with 48 so-called Hi-NRG songs, dance music that was popular in the gay disco-culture in the '70s and '80s. Includes quite a few rare cuts from obscure artists, among them a version of Dylan/ Danko's "This Wheel's on Fire" by the Suns of Shiva. Also available on the compilation Gay Free & Happy, Vol. 1 (Stonewall 9601, 1997.)


  1. Paul Parker - Wicked Game (East Side Mix)
  2. Top Gun - Take My Breathe Away
  3. Abigail - Could It Be Magic
  4. Charley - In The Name Of Love
  5. Kit Rolfe - S.O.S.
  6. Vol-K-No - Classical Gas (Euro Version)
  7. 2hd - Native Love (Hairspray Mix)
  8. Paul Parker - Love In The Shadows
  9. Zest With Sylvia Mason-James - Sunny (Squeezy Lemon Mix)
  10. Transpose Feat. Jackie Lowry - Sunshine After The Rain
  11. Kit Rolfe - One More Hurt
  12. Cowgirls In The Sand Feat. Jackie-Lowry - Jolene (Nashville Mix)
  13. Abigail - Losing My Religion
  14. Paul Parker - Drive
  15. Lisa - P.A.S.S.I.O.N.
  16. Illusive - U Know It's Good (4 U Mix)
  17. Abigail - Constant Craving
  18. Paul Parker - In My Wildest Dreams (Rmx)
  19. Suns Of Shiva - Hills Of Katmandu
  20. Boys Of A New Age Feat. John Springate - Wonderful Life
  21. The Glory Boys Feat. Angie Gold - Finger Of Suspicion (Fantasia Rmx)
  22. Paul Parker - With Or Without You
  23. Abigail - Don't Tell Me Why (Rmx)
  24. Marianna - Feels Like A Dream
  25. Abigail - Smells Like Teen Spirit
  26. Pleasure Zone - Runaway Train (Clubola Mix)
  27. New Emotion - Don't Go (The 6 Minutes To Go Mix)
  28. Global Cut Feat. D'borah - You Know I Want You Touch Me (Ext. Club Mix)
  29. Suns Of Shiva - Visitors (Illusive's Revisited Mix)
  30. Illusive - Take Me Higher (Serie A Mix)
  31. 501 Feat. Ondrea Duverney - Inside Of Me (Instrumental 12" Mix)
  32. Boys Of A New Age Feat. John Springate - Dance With The Devil (The Prohibition Rmx)
  33. Riviera Feat. Shani - Paradise Medley:
  34. Riviera Feat. Shani - *If A Paradise Is Half As Nice
  35. Riviera Feat. Shani - *Who Needs Paradise
  36. Angie Gold - Eat You Up (Just Desserts Mix)
  37. Kevin Power Feat. Miss V - Sailing
  38. Princess Paragon - A Girl Like You
  39. Paul Parker - Riders On The Storm (Doors Of Perception Mix)
  40. Patti Ravell - Fame
  41. Illusive - Delirious (Illusive's Rush Mix)
  42. Spaghetti Surfers - Do It To Me
  43. Suns Of Shiva Feat. Angie Gold - This Wheel's on Fire
  44. Paul Parker - I Will Do Anything Set Me Free (Illusive Mix)
  45. Rapture - Music Is My Life (Federationmix)
  46. Donna James - High On Love
  47. Patti Ravell - I'm On A Love Train
  48. Main Output - Chase (Oxygen Mix)

Various Artists - Klone Ikons - 1998 - UK

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