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Garth and Maud Hudson: LIVE at the WOLF

[cover art]
Copyright © 2004 Maud Hudson

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"When I was with The Band, I had no idea I'd get this good."
--Garth Hudson, Macleans

One special night in the fall of 2002, I was asked to record a concert billed as "An Intimate Evening with Garth and Maud Hudson,"... it turned out to be a unique and wonderful experience, which you now can enjoy on this CD... one of the finest displays of piano playing I have ever witnessed... Maud and Garth draw you in on a number of levels until you feel you are sitting around Garth's piano at home... this is the stuff of legends.
--from producer Lance Anderson's liner notes

This CD is a wonderful live recording of Maud and Garth's first intimate duo concert performance, on September 8, 2002 in London, Ontario, Canada. Garth was born in Windsor, Ontario, but he was raised and educated in London. The Hudsons were there to celebrate the opening weekend of the new London Public Library's wonderful Wolf Performance Hall. See Dave Z.'s review for more info.

Canadian release in the spring of 2005, US release in October 2005.


1. MPEG-3 file Every Time I See The Sun (Garth Hudson)
2. MPEG-3 file It Makes No Difference (J.R. Robertson)
3. MPEG-3 file Stand By Me (C.A. Tindley)
4. MPEG-3 file International Medley (Garth Hudson)
5. MPEG-3 file Willow Weep For Me (Ann Ronell)
6. MPEG-3 file You'll Be Thinkin' (Maud Hudson)
7. MPEG-3 file Young Blood (Pomus/Leiber/Stoller)
8. MPEG-3 file Beyond the Breakers (Garth Hudson/Eric Andersen)
9. MPEG-3 file Concert Hora (Traditional)
10. MPEG-3 file Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan)
11. Give Ear Unto My Prayer (Jacob Arcadelt)
12. MPEG-3 file The Weight (J.R. Robertson)
13. Little Island Blues* (Garth Hudson)

*: Studio bonus track


  • Garth Hudson, piano/accordion/mixing
  • Maud Hudson, vocals
  • Lance Anderson, producer
  • Eddie Baltimore, location recording engineer
  • Bruce Longman, assistant engineer
  • Inaam Haq, studio engineer
  • Peter J. Moore, mastering
Garth and Maud Hudson - LIVE at the WOLF - 2005 - Make It Real Records MIR006
US CD - 2005 - Other People's Music - OPM 6110

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