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Steve Young: Lonesome, On'ry & Mean

[cover art]

There are unmistakable parallels between Steve Young and Gram Parsons. Both were southern boys with an attitude, brimming full of astonishing music, who found their way to Los Angeles at the end of the 1960s and were instrumental in forging what became known as Country Rock. Parsons made his first mark on record with the International Submarine Band, Young with Stone Country. By 1969 they were A&M label stablemates imbuing California rock with southern sensibilities and a harsh, honest, wrenching country passion. Today they both enjoy cult followings and are recognised as pioneers and consciences of amovement which made possible the rise of a swathe of artists from the Eagles to outlaw-era Waylon Jennings.

Both of those, as well as the likes of Hank Williams Jnr., Ian Matthews and Tracy Nelson, have recorded Steve Young songs, primarily from his fertile first decade of writing and recording; which is captured on this deluxe Raven CD. A sequel of sorts to their Gram Parsons and Gene Clark (both of whom make guest appearances here) anthologies, Lonesome OníRy & Mean 1968-78 tracks the passionate picker through his key albums - Rock Salt & Nails, Seven Bridges Road, Honky Tonk Man, Renegade Picker and No Place To Fall. It includes, over its hour and a quarter, 22-song length, such Young standards as Montgomery In The Rain, White Trash Song, Longway Tohollywood, Holler In The Swamp and Old Memories, all original recordings. There are three 1968 Stone Country tracks, including one particularly rare non-album cut - a version of Dylanís Basement Tape song This Wheelís On Fire, orignally released as a 45 single in 1968. Graced with informed liner notes by Young associate Keith Glass, this painstakingly prepared Australian anthology is the first serious CD appraisal of this chilling singer, dynamic guitarist and evocative songwriter.
--Raven Records


  1. Magnolias
  2. Woman Don't Weep
  3. This Wheel's On Fire [RealAudio]
  4. Rock, Salt & Nails
  5. Holler In The Swamp
  6. Kenny's Song
  7. That's How Strong My Love
  8. I'm A One Woman Man
  9. My Sweet Love Ain't Aroun
  10. Seven Bridges Road
  11. White Trash Song
  12. Lonesome On'ry & Mean
  13. Ragtime Blue Guitar
  14. Long Way To Hollywood
  15. Montgomery In The Rain
  16. Ramblin' Man
  17. Honky Tonk Man
  18. Alabama Highway
  19. Renegade Picker
  20. Old Memories (Mean Nothin)
  21. All Her Lovers Want To Me
  22. Dreamer

Steve Young - Lonesome On'ry & Mean - 1994 - Raven Records RVCD 37

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