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[CD cover]

November 2005 album from British-Canadian bluesman/world music artist Manx, with a cover of The Band's "It Makes No Difference."

Harry Manx has been working on his personal mix of blues and Indian music for some time now, and he's reached a virtually seamless match with this release, Mantras for Madmen -- as well as climbing to a new plateau in his songwriting. There's a soulful tinge to pieces like "It Makes No Difference" and "Never the Twain" that fills out his music, and he gets and holds a groove as laid-back as J.J. Cale. The only overtly Eastern pieces on the disc are "Afghani Raga," a short dip in the water, and the solo "Talkin Turban," but you can hear it in the mohan veena (a resonant Indian slide guitar) of "San Diego . Tijuana," where India meets Mexico, or "Your Sweet Name." Manx's voice seems to have taken on a new maturity, too, clearly evident on the duet "It Takes a Tear," which verges into gospel. This is, without a doubt, among his best.
--Chris Nickson, All-Music Guide


  1. Where Fools Die (Manx)
  2. San Diego - Tijuana (Cale)
  3. The Point of Purchase (Manx)
  4. Never the Twain (Manx)
  5. A Single Spark (Manx)
  6. Your Sweet Name (Manx)
  7. Afghani Raga (Manx)
  8. It Makes No Difference (Robertson)
  9. Don't Take His Name Away (Manx)
  10. It Takes a Tear (Manx)
  11. Nothing Fails Like Success (Manx)
  12. Talkin' Turban (Manx)

Harry Manx - Mantras for Madmen - 2005 - Dog My Cat 1398

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