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Maria McKee: Maria McKee

[cover art]

Three years after Lone Justice's last album, Maria McKee released her self-titled debut, which showed that her skills as a songwriter had grown considerably since her first band. Not only were her songs better, but McKee's singing had improved; while it was still a little thin, her voice had grown grittier and more soulful, which made her songs all the more convincing. Unfortunately, most of McKee's musical growth was obscured by Mitchell Froom's mushy overproduction.
--Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All-Music Guide

Robbie Robertson co-wrote "Nobody's Child" on Maria McKee. According to McKee, she had been struggling with the lyrics on that song for a some time, and she realized she needed some help: "... finally I said, 'who's the best lyric writer I know?' And I called Robbie Robertson... ". McKee also appeared in the video for Robbie's "Somewhere Down the Crazy River" from Robbie Robertson. She was appraised for her "acting skills" in an interview, to which she replied laughing "... what did I do, I was just being licked by Robbie..."


  1. I've Forgotten What It Was in You (McKee)
  2. To Miss Someone (McKee)
  3. Am I the Only (McKee)
  4. Nobody's Child (McKee/Robertson)
  5. Panic Beach (McKee)
  6. Can't Pull the Wool Down (McKee)
  7. More Than a Heart Can Hold (Brody/McKee)
  8. This Property Is Condemned (Brody/McKee/Sugg/Sutton)
  9. Breathe (McKee/Sutton)
  10. Has He Got a Friend in Me? (Thompson)
  11. Drinkin' in My Sunday Dress (McKee)

Maria McKee - Maria McKee - 1989 - Geffen 24229

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