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This third installment of the Levon Helm Band's Midnight Ramble Sessions, finally released in July 2014, was one of the bandleader's final projects before he died in April 2012. Together with producer, sound engineer, stage manager and longtime friend of the family, Brendan McDonough, Levon Helm sorted through hundreds of gigs recorded at his barn in Woodstock, New York. The duo assembled the new album "like an actual Ramble," with plenty of guest appearances, among them Allen Toussaint and Chris Robinson, and an acoustic set in the middle. "They made some cool, unpredictable and unique song choices," says Levon's daughter Amy Helm. "They highlighted some of the real core aspects of the Ramble." The set opens with Levon singing the sassy, brassy "Same Thing" and closes with his feisty take on Al Green's "Take Me to the River."


  1. The Same Thing (Levon Helm) 2/14/09
  2. Ain't That Good News (Amy Helm) 8/28/10
  3. God Don't Never Change (Jimmy Vivino ) 1/10/09
  4. Drivin' Wheel (Levon Helm) 5/16/09
  5. I'm A Jealous Man (Larry Campbell) 1/31/09
  6. Stagger Lee (Little Sammy Davis) 10/18/05
  7. Simple Twist of Fate (Brian Mitchell) 3/14/09
  8. One More Shot (Levon Helm) 12/9/06
  9. Turn Around (Teresa Williams) 5/9/09
  10. The Beautiful Lie (Amy Helm, Teresa Williams, Fiona McBain) 1/3/09
  11. A Certain Girl (Allen Toussaint) 1/1/07
  12. Shake Your Money Maker (Chris Robinson) 8/23/08
  13. Take Me To The River (Levon Helm) 2/10/07

The Levon Helm Band - The Midnight Ramble Sessions Vol. 3 - CD/MP3 - 2014 - Vanguard Records/Levon Helm Studios

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