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The Steve Miller Band/Quicksilver Messenger Service/The Band

[cover art]

[Box set Big Pink cover]

A 1969 three LP box set from Capitol containing LPs that had previously been released as single LPs by the respective performers: Music From Big Pink by The Band, the debut self titled LP by Quicksilver Messenger Service and Sailor by the Steve Miller Band. The LP sleeve on The Band's album is different from the regular cover


LP 1 - Sailor

  1. Song for Our Ancestor (Steve Miller)
  2. Dear Mary (Steve Miller)
  3. My Friend (Tim Davis, Boz Scaggs)
  4. Living in the U.S.A. (Steve Miller)
  5. Quicksilver Girl (Steve Miller)
  6. Lucky Man (Jimmy Peterman)
  7. Gangster of Love (John Watson)
  8. You're So Fine (Jimmy Reed)
  9. Overdrive (Boz Scaggs)
  10. Dime A Dance Romace (Boz Scaggs)

LP 2 - Quicksilver Messenger Service

  1. Pride of Man (Camp)
  2. Light Your Windows (Duncan/Freiberg)
  3. Dino's Song (Valente)
  4. Gold and Silver (Duncan/Schuster)
  5. Too Long (Polte)
  6. The Fool (Duncan/Freiberg)

LP 3 - Music from Big Pink

  1. Tears of Rage (Bob Dylan,Richard Manuel)
  2. To Kingdom Come (Jaime Robbie Robertson)
  3. In a Station (Richard Manuel)
  4. Caledonia Mission (Jaime Robbie Robertson)
  5. The Weight (Jaime Robbie Robertson)
  6. We Can Talk (Richard Manuel)
  7. Long Black Veil (M.Wilkin,D.Dilli)
  8. Chest Fever (Jaime Robbie Robertson)
  9. Lonesome Suzie (Richard Manuel) 4:08
  10. Wheels on Fire (Bob Dylan,Ricky Danko)
  11. I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan)


Steve Miller Band:
  • Steve Miller - guitar, vocals
  • Boz Scaggs - guitar
  • Lonnie Turner - bass, guitar
  • Jim Peterman - keyboards
  • Tim Davis - drums, percussion, vibes
Quicksilver Messenger Service:
  • John Cipollina - guitar, vocals
  • Gary Duncan - guitar, vocals
  • Greg Elmore - drums
  • David Freiberg - bass, violin, vocals
The Band:
  • Robbie Robertson - guitar, vocals
  • Richard Manuel - piano, vocals
  • Levon Helm - drums, vocals
  • Ricky Danko - bass, vocals
  • Garth Hudson - keyboards, vocals

The Steve Miller Band/Quicksilver Messenger Service/The Band - 1969 - Capitol STCR 288

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