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John Hammond: Mirrors

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According to the liner notes to this 1967 album from John Hammond, "Robby" Robertson, Levon Helm and "Eric" Hudson can be heard on the tracks "I Wish You Would" and Robert Johnson's "Travelling Riverside", both recorded in 1964 during the So Many Roads sessions. The other musicians on these two tracks were Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica, John Hammond, Mike Bloomfield on piano and Jimmy Lewis on bass. However, the instrumentation on "Travelling Riverside" is limited, the guitarist doesn't sound like Robertson and the drummer doesn't sound like Helm. The version of "I Wish You Would" is not the same as the one that appears on Hammond's Red Bird single (as the flip of "I Can Tell").

On side 1 of Mirrors, Hammond plays with "instrumental groups" while side 2 contains 7 songs with "John Hammond, accompanying himself on guitar." The "other group" on tracks 2-5 on side 1 is Billy Butler, James Spruill, Jimmy Lewis and Bobby Donaldson, with Barry Goldberg added on track 5.


Side A

  1. I Wish You Would
  2. They Call It Stormy Monday [But Tuesday Is Just As Bad] (T-Bone Walker)
  3. Statesboro Blues (William Mc Tell)
  4. Keys To The Highway (Broozny/Segar)
  5. I Just Got Here
  6. Travelling Riverside (Robert Johnson)

Side B

  1. Stones In My Passway (Robert Johnson)
  2. Walking Blues (Robert Johnson)
  3. Death Don't Have No Mercy
  4. Motherless Willie Johnson (Blind Willie Jonhson)
  5. When You Are Gone
  6. Rock Me Mama
  7. Get Right Church


  • Michael Bloomfield, guitar/piano
  • William "Billy" Butler, guitar
  • Bobby Donaldson, drums
  • Barry Goldberg, organ
  • John Paul Hammond, guitar/harmonica/vocal
  • Levon Helm, drums
  • Eric Garth Hudson, organ
  • Jimmy Lewis, bass
  • Charlie Musselwhite, harmonica
  • Robbie Robertson, guitar

John Hammond - Mirrors - 1967 - Vanguard VSD 79245

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