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Music for the Native Americans

(with The Red Road Ensemble)

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With Storyville, Robbie Robertson's music began to directly incorporate more world music influences; Music for the Native Americans makes that connection more explicit. Most of the album is quite evocative, recalling an American version of Peter Gabriel's mediterranean exploration Passion. Robertson writes some fully formed songs, but most of the record is devoted to instrumental, incidental film music, and that's where he fully explores new musical territory. Music for the Native Americans is a soundtrack (to Ted Turner's TV Production, The Native Americans), yet it contains some of Robertson's most challenging and complex music.
-- Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All-Music Guide


1. Coyote Dance MPEG3-file (94K)
2. Mahk Jchi MPEG3-file (94K)
3. Ghost Dance MPEG3-file (94K)
4. Vanishing Breed MPEG3-file (94K)
5. It Is a Good Day to Die MPEG3-file (94K)
6. Golden Feather MPEG3-file (94K)
7. Akua Tuta MPEG3-file (94K)
8. Words of Fire, Deeds of Blood MPEG3-file (94K)
9. Cherokee Morning Song MPEG3-file (94K)
10. Skinwalker MPEG3-file (94K)
11. Ancestor Song MPEG3-file (94K)
12. Twisted Hair MPEG3-file (94K)


  • Robbie Robertson - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer
  • Rita Coolidge - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Priscilla Coolidge - Vocals (bckgr)
  • James Wilson - Programming
  • Kashtin
  • Alejandro "Alex" Acuqa - Percussion
  • John Barlit - Percussion
  • Charlie Brocco - Engineer
  • Bob Clearmountain - Mixin
  • Bill Dillon - Bass, Guitar, Chamberlain, Omnichord, Guitorgan
  • Douglas Spotted Eagle - Flute, Keyboards, Programming
  • Tony Green - Bass
  • Elodie Lauten - Keyboards
  • Patrick Leonard - Organ, Keyboards, Programming
  • Jared Levine - Associate Producer
  • Bob Ludwig - Mastering
  • Patrick McCarthy - Engineer
  • Dave Pickell - Programming
  • Charles Pollard - Editing
  • Laura Satterfield - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Silvercloud Singers
  • Ron Sunsinger - Engineer
  • Bill Dillion - Guitar
  • John Bartilt - Percussion
  • Benito Concha - Drums
  • Sal Fararas - Drums
  • Toby Gendron - Producer, Engineer
  • Claude Pelletter - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Delphin Robertson - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Denis Toupin - Drums, Vocals
  • Tommy Steele - Art Direction
  • David Williams - Design, Photography
  • Lavant Coppock - Assistant Engineer
  • Andy Fitich - Engineer
  • Bill Szawloswki - Engineer
  • Bonnie Jo Hunt - Vocals
  • Jeff Smallwood - Guitar (Acoustic)
  • Barry Goldberg - Assistant Engineer
  • Jim Wilson - Programming, Producer
  • Ulali - backing vocals

Music for the Native Americans - Robbie Robertson - 1994 - Cema/Capitol 28295

AMG Rating: 5 (out of 9)

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