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Released by NBC in March 2002, this album gathers musicians involved in the 2002 Winter Olympics, including Robbie Robertson.

Robbie Robertson is featured on the "limited edition" CD called Music of the Games (Salt Lake 2002). He performs "Stomp Dance (Unity)" with the Six Nations Women Singers. Sting and Yo-Yo Ma's "Fragile" is also on the disc. LeAnn Rimes with the Utah Symphony as well as many tracks featuring The Mormon Tabernacle Choir are there as well.

I cannot tell if these tracks are live or not. They are certainly all new recordings, and if they are live, then they very carefully took out all the audience noise. My guess is that they were recorded during rehearsals. Only Harry Connick's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" was from the closing ceremonies, and this version was from an earlier recording.

Robbie was responsible for the twenty minute Native American music segment in the opening ceremonies. His portion included "Coyote Dance", "Ancestor Song", "Stomp Dance(Unity)", and "Makin' A Noise". I'm not sure what you were able to catch, since some countries were better than others about showing it. David Foster, Michael Kamen and John Williams as well as Robbie were commissioned to write music for the Games. John Williams has a separate cd of his portion out publicly. Kamen, Foster and Robertson's music is on this disc.

Now for the good news, this disc can be purchased on the NBC store web site.

--"Bones", The Band guestbook, March 2002


  1. Light the Fire Within
    LeAnn Rimes, Utah Symphony, The Choristers of the Cathedral of the Madeleine Choir School

  2. Fragile
    Sting, Yo-Yo Ma, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Utah Symphony

  3. Bugler's Dream
    Utah Symphony

  4. Tradition of the Games
    Utah Symphony

  5. Gold
    Linda Eder

  6. Stomp Dance (Unity)
    Robbie Robertson featuring The Six Nations Women Singers

  7. Carry the Flame
    Aretha Franklin

  8. Olympic Hymn
    Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Utah Symphony

  9. The Fire Within
    Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Utah Symphony, The Choristers of the Cathedral of the Madeleine Choir School

  10. Olympic Medals Plaza Fire & Ice Overture American West Suite:
    • Gathering Place
      Utah Symphony, Eclipse
    • Land of Enchantment
      Utah Symphony, The Choristers of the Cathedral of the Madeleine Choir School
    • Rendezvous
      Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Utah Symphony, Eclipse

  11. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Harry Connick Jr.

Various Artists - Music of the Games - 2002 - NBC N60177

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