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Various Artists: The Music People

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Triple various-artists LP from Columbia (CBS S 66 308 3LP/Europe), including Bob Dylan and The Band's version of "Grand Coulee Dam" from the Woody Guthrie tribute concert in Carnegie Hall, Jan 1968. Also released as Welcome - The Rock People (CBS C3X 31280 3LP/USA).

Until the release of A Tribute to Woody Guthrie, this was the only easily obtainable track from the Guthrie concert. Other artists appearing here are Taj Mahal , Blue Rose , Kris Kristofferson , Jeff Beck , Blood, Sweat & Tears , Blue Öyster Cult , The Byrds , The Chambers Brothers , Dr. Hook , Bob Dylan , It's a Beautiful Day , Kenny Loggins , Jim Messina , The New Riders of the Purple Sage , Redbone , Boz Scaggs , Spirit , Ten Years After , Johnny Winter , The Mahavishnu Orchestra , Dreams , Grin , Bell & Arc , Colin Blunstone , Chase (Bill) , David Clayton-Thomas , Wayne Cochran , Compost , Grootna , Jake Holmes , Barry Mann , Pamela Polland , Jimmie Spheeris , Sweathog , Edgar Winter , and REO Speedwagon.

The All-Music Guide claims the release year for The Music People was 1968, but it was probably released in 1972, as (for example) the REO Speedwagon song '157 Riverside Avenue' was recorded in 1972, as was 'Bugler' by The Byrds. Nearly all the tracks are either 1971 or 1972.

A British pressing of The Music People, CBS 66315 , was released in late 1972. I've dug out this triple album. It seems nearly identical to the one listed, with a few exceptions. Mine is a British pressing on CBS 66315 and was released in late 1972. The British version replaces the tracks listed below with these: 7. Strange Is This World (Niemen), 10. Just A Thought (Jonathan Swift), 20. Hint of A Freeze (Fishbaugh, Fishbaugh & Zorn), 28. Tramp (Home), 29. Glory Be (Arrival), 31. Love Song (Lesley Duncan), 32. Amsterdam (Al Stewart), 37. Hold Your Head Up (Argent), 39. Underbird (Titanic).

The Music People was a follow-on to the Rock Machine series, and by going for a triple it ended the era of sampler compilations which both CBS and Island did so well because of its excess.

--Peter Viney


  1. Para los Rumbepos
  2. Hoe Down
  3. Hello Mary Lou
  4. Stealin'
  5. Hallelujah!
  6. What Kind of Man Are You
  7. Celebration of Life
  8. 157 Riverside Avenue
  9. Too Many Mondays
  10. Country Song
  11. Go Down Gamblin'
  12. Magnificent Sanctuary Band
  13. Sun Never Shines on the Lonely
  14. Chelsea Girls
  15. No Word or Glad
  16. Monkey Time
  17. Silence
  18. The Nest
  19. I Call That True Love
  20. My Impersonal Life
  21. Grand Coulee Dam
  22. Jumpin' Jack Flash
  23. Situation
  24. So Many People
  25. Bugler
  26. Calico Baby
  27. Dawn
  28. I'm on the Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep
  29. Holy Smoke Doo Dah Band
  30. She Loves the Way They Love Her
  31. High Priest of Memphis
  32. Baby Won't You Let Me Rock 'n Roll...
  33. Little Girl Lost
  34. Cool Fool
  35. To Make a Woman Feel Wanted
  36. White Lies
  37. Asalone Dream
  38. Sleepless Nights
  39. Jim Funky
  40. While the Sun Still Shines

Various Artists - The Music People - 1972 - Columbia 31280

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