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Kathy McCord: New Jersey To Woodstock

[cover art]

Kathy McCord's lone, self-titled, 1969 album for CTI Records has long been a cult folk-psych classic, rated highly by all those who enjoy artists such as Nick Drake, Vashti Bunyan and their ilk. Its cult status has been boosted by its incredible scarcity - a true holy grail in collector circles, if ever there was one.

Aside from its original vinyl issue, the only other time it's been available in 40 years was via an almost impossible to find, limited Japanese CD that is, if anything, harder to find than the original album now.

Ace is delighted, via Big Beat, to reinstate this wonderful music to catalogue and to bring it to what is potentially its biggest-ever audience. The 2CD set also includes both sides of a rare, pre-CTI single and nearly 20 demos that Kathy cut in Woodstock during the 1970s. On these she is backed by luminaries that include the Fabulous Rhinestones, Paul Butterfield and Rick Danko and Levon Helm of The Band. All are from Kathy's own collection, and none has ever been released commercially prior to this CD.

Assembled with the full co-operation of Kathy and her brother, the equally-celebrated Billy Vera (both of whom contribute sleeve notes), New Jersey To Woodstock is a musical journey very much worth taking.

-- Editorial review,


Disc 1

  1. Rainbow Ride
  2. I'm Leaving Home (She's Leaving Home)
  3. Candle Waxing
  4. Baby James
  5. The Love Flow
  6. New York Good Sugar/Love Lyric #7
  7. For You, Child
  8. Jennipher
  9. Take Away This Pain (Demo)
  10. Velvet Smile (Demo)
  11. I'll Give My Heart To You (1968 Single)
  12. I'll Never Be Alone Again (1968 Single)

Disc 2

(all tracks previously unissued)
  1. New Horizons
  2. Acapulco
  3. Baby, Come Out Tonight
  4. That's A Love That's Real
  5. No Need To Wait
  6. I'll Be Lovin' You Forever
  7. Magnolia
  8. Madman
  9. Captain Cody Memorial
  10. Keep Peace In The Family
  11. You'd Convince The Devil
  12. Who's Been Coolin' You?
  13. Don't Go Talkin' To Strangers
  14. Every Little Thing You Do
  15. I Wanna Know Why
  16. Shine On

Kathy McCord - New Jersey To Woodstock - 2010 - Big Beat Records CDWIK2 28

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