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[cover art]

51-song, 3-CD Graham Parker box set, including tracks with Garth Hudson from the 1991 album Struck by Lightning.


(all songs by Graham Parker)
  1. No Holding Back
  2. Stupefaction
  3. Empty Lives
  4. Manoeuvres
  5. Love Without Greed
  6. Don't Let It Break You Down
  7. Under the Mask of Happiness
  8. I'm Just Your Man
  9. Oh Hieronymous
  10. Get Started, Start a Fire
  11. Cupid (Cooke, Sam)
  12. Little Misunderstanding
  13. My Love's Strong
  14. Dancing for Money
  15. Big Man on Paper
  16. Everything Goes
  17. Daddy's a Postman
  18. You Got the World
  19. She Wants So Many Things
  20. Strong Winds
  21. Kid with a Butterfly Net
  22. Wrapping Paper
  23. Brand of New Book
  24. Weeping Statues
  25. When I Was King
  26. Sun Is Gonna Shine Again
  27. Release Me
  28. Just Like Joe Meek's Blues
  29. Love Is a Burning Question
  30. Long Stem Rose
  31. Here It Comes Again
  32. Yesterday's Cloud
  33. Substitute (Townshend, Pete)
  34. White Honey
  35. Black Honey
  36. Protection
  37. Gypsy Blood
  38. Durban Poison
  39. 3 Martini Lunch
  40. Hotel Chambermaid
  41. That's What They All Say
  42. Platinum Blonde
  43. Mercury Poisoning
  44. No Woman No Cry (Marley, Bob)
  45. Discovering Japan
  46. Watch the Moon Come Down
  47. Chopsticks
  48. Short Memories
  49. Christmas Is for Mugs
  50. New York Revolution
  51. Soul Christmas


(only members of The Band listed)
  • Garth Hudson, synthesizer/accordion/Hammond organ
Graham Parker - No Holding Back - 1996 - Demon 15

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