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Steinar Albrigtsen & Tom Pacheco: Nobodies

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A few days before Rick Danko died on December 10th, 1999, he finished his harmony vocal contribution to this album from singer/songwriters Steinar Albrigtsen and Tom Pacheco. It was to be the last studio work from Danko.

Pacheco & Albrigtsen, 2000
Most of the songs on the album have been recorded, produced and mixed in Woodstock. It was relased on the Norwegian label Norske Gram in March 2000, under the title Nobodies. Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Jim Weider and Richard Bell from The Band also play on it, together with John Sebastian, Scott Petito and Peter Gabriel's drummer Jerry Marotta.

Both the Norwegian Albrigtsen and Pacheco have been working with members of The Band earlier, on the albums Bound to Wander (Steinar Albrigtsen, 1994) and Woodstock Winter (Tom Pacheco, 1997). In 1992, Pacheco and Albrigtsen released the album Big Storm Comin' in Norway, that sold well and received good reviews.

The last song that Rick Danko recorded for Nobodies was "They Can't Touch You Now." Tom Pacheco sang a beautiful version of it at the memorial service for Rick in the Bearsville Theatre on December 15th, 1999. The song was also performed live by Albrigtsen and Pacheco at the Norwegian Grammys in February 2000, with The Band's Jim Weider on guitar. Rick's recorded vocals and a film of Rick recording the song was used during the performance.


  1. One Heart One Soul
  2. They Can't Touch You Now
  3. The Water I Swim In
  4. Free
  5. Nobodies
  6. Midnight Rain
  7. Teddy Roosevelt
  8. Night Train Blues
  9. It's So Strange
  10. Bobby And Elvis
  11. Since Jackie Left Town
  12. Nothing To Do
  13. Sunny Blue Skies

Tom Pacheco/Steinar Albrigtsen - Nobodies - 2000 - Norske Gram

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