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Danko/Fjeld/Andersen: Ridin' on the Blinds

[cover art]

The second album from Rick Danko, singer/songwriter Eric Andersen and Norwegian roots artist Jonas Fjeld contains less rock'n'roll and more folk/traditional music than their first CD Danko/Fjeld/Andersen. Rick does a nice version of "Twilight" (that appeared for the first time on the 1976 compilation The Best of the Band.) Other highlights include the Paul Butterfield tribute "Every Man Is His Own Hero" and a beautiful rendering of Richard Thompson's "Dimming of the Day", where Eric Andersen duets with Norwegian traditional music singer Kirsten Bråthen Berg. Most songs on the CD are laced with a variety of old-fashioned instruments like medieval harps, Hardanger fiddle, dulcimer, banjo, bagpipes, and langeleik. Garth Hudson can be heard on accordion and keyboards in several tunes.


1. Ridin' On The Blinds (Fjeld/Andersen/Danko) WMA file
2. Twilight (Robertson) WMA file
3. Dimming of The Day (R.Thompson) WMA file
4. Ragtop (Danko/Andersen/Fjeld) WMA file
5. Come Runnin' Like a Friend (Andersen) WMA file
6. Women 'Cross the River (D.Olney) WMA file
7. Lie with Me (Andersen) WMA file
8. All Creation (Danko/Andersen) WMA file
9. Outside Track (H.Lawson/G.W.Hallow) WMA file
10. Every Man Is His Own Hero (Andersen/Danko/Fjeld) WMA file
11. Baby I'm Lonesome (Andersen) WMA file
12. Your Eyes (Fjeld/J.Sheredan) WMA file
13. Bottle of Wine (T.Paxton) WMA file
14. Keep This Love Alive (Andersen/Danko) WMA file


  • Rick Danko, vocals/bass/guitars
  • Jonas Fjeld, vocals/guitars
  • Eric Andersen, vocals/guitars/B-3 organ/keyboards
  • Rune Arnesen, drums/percussion
  • Kirsten B. Berg, vocals
  • Marianne Berg, backing vocals
  • Halvard T. Bjørgum, hardanger fiddle
  • Bent Bredesen, guitar
  • Jørun Bøgeberg, acoustic bass/mandolin
  • Audun Erlien, backing vocals
  • Ingar Helgesen, backing vocals
  • Garth Hudson, keyboards/accordion
  • Tone Hulbækmo, medieval harp/footpump organ
  • Hans F. Jakobsen, medieval bagpipes/flutes/finnish lap harp
  • Ed Kaercher, backing vocals/guitars
  • Hilde Kjeldsen, backing vocals
  • Frode Larsen, harmonica
  • Mariann Lisand, backing vocals
  • Lillebjørn Nilsen, banjo/dulcimer/jews harp
  • Oslo Gospel Choir
  • Knut Reiersrud, guitars/harmonica/turkish saz/langeleik/mandolin
  • Kristin Skaare, accordion/keyboards/harmonium
  • Georgia Slim, piano
  • Per Ø. Sørensen, backing vocals
  • Liz T. Vespestad, backing vocals
  • Bugge Wesseltoft, keyboards

Ridin' on the Blinds - Danko/Fjeld/Andersen - 1994 - Grappa Records - GRCD 4080
Released in the US February 1997, Rykodisc 10371.

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