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Georgette Fry: Rites of Passage

[cover art]

Ask me to pick a musical pigeonhole and I'll tell you my home is in the one marked "The Blues". The thing about pigeonholes, though, is that (unless you've got the wrong end sticking out of it) you're bound to notice that you're surrounded by a lot of other pigeonholes that look like interesting places to visit. Gregarious bird that I am, I've left home more than a few times and have brought back some interesting pieces with which to feather my nest. The door is open ... come on in and have a look around.
--Georgette Fry

Canadian singer Georgette Fry was nominated for a Juno award for best blues/gospel album in 1996, for her solo debut Rites Of Passage. Track 13 on the CD (sound sample available below) is a cover version of the Rick Danko song "Sip the Wine", from Danko's 1977 solo album.

Georgette Fry with Levon Helm and Jack Wingate, an old friend of Garth, Levon and The Band. Photo copyright © Serge Daniloff.

Fry released the live album Georgette Fry Live (SRR03) in 1997, and can also be heard on the CD Eclectricity together with Grant Heckman and Robbie Robertson's cousin Bob Robertson. For more about Georgette's music, see her web site.


1. Don't Do It (G. Fry)
2. Three Kinds of Fool (D. O'Toole)
3. Rites of Passage (I. Tamblyn)
4. Hound Dog (J. Lieber/M. Stoller/J. Otis)
5. 20 Million Things (L. George/J. Levy)
6. Undecided Blues (G. Fry)
7. On the Nickel (T. Waits)
8. This Should Go on Forever (J. Miller/B. Jolivette)
9. When Love Walks Away (G. Fry)
10. Lovin' Whisky (R. Block)
11. I've Found Peace of Mind (P. Crayton/E. Crayton)
12. Come on in My Kitchen (R. Johnson)
13. Sip the Wine (Rick Danko) [RealAudio] MPEG file (906K)
14. Calling It Even (G. Fry)
15. The Exile (G.Fry)


  • Georgette Fry, vocals/background vocals/guitar
  • Glenn Anderson, drums
  • Zak Colbert, bass
  • Dean Harrison, keyboards
  • Pete Pereira, sax/horns
  • Miles Raine, sax
  • Clyde Forsberg, trumpet
  • Tom Leighton, trombone/keyboards/synth/accordion/background vocals
  • Chris Brown, organ
  • Grant Heckman, guitar/background vocals/percussion
  • Morgan Davis, guitars
  • Maurice Roulette, harmonica
  • Mark Haines, guitars/background vocals/mandolin
  • Bob Robertson, background vocals
  • Dean Harrison, keyboards

Georgette Fry - Rites of Passage - 1996 - Spare Rib Records SRR002

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